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Stay Free Radio


The only blog, magazine, zine that matters.

The mission of Stay Free Radio is to become a multi-genre, multimedia, multi-functional culture blog that explores music, fashion, current events, digital art and design.



Stay Free Radio was created by designers as a passion project, however we saw gaps in the market for things to be done better and the poor treatment of creatives within the music and merchandising industry. We want to give everyone a platform no matter who they are and what level they're at.

The goal is to promote these the best that we can and start to build an audience of music lovers, fashion lovers and art lovers, that helps out smaller brands, artists and labels.

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Featured Music

Featured Music 

Artist Feature: Boygenius

Check out our review of Not Strong Enough by Boygenius and take a dive into the meaning of always an angel never a god.

Letter To An Old Poet is an interesting track from Boygenius as it references Me & My Dog. Worth checking out for any fan.


Stay Free Radio never wants to lock any content behind a paywall. To keep Stay Free Radio free we accept donations to help with running costs. 

Any spare money will go towards setting up projects with musicians, artists & writers.

What We're Currently Listening To.

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