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Gorillaz - Oil Featuring Stevie Nicks Review

Updated: Mar 19

Everyone's favourite animated band Gorillaz returns with a brand new album titled Cracker Album, this album is more of a Gorillaz album in terms to the last one song machine, which I really enjoyed but saw criticism from early fans.

Gorrilaz and Stevie Nicks

This time around nobody can say that they’re not collaborating with any rock legends or rappers. This time round for Oil, Damon Albarn calls upon Stevie Nicks to provide some spacely vocals over this mellow track. “Fairy-like companions to the dark maths that catapult Us into imagined worlds, seems a mockery remote”

Albarn and Nicks's vocals work in tandem as they’re giving layers to this already introspective track and it comes off working really well. If you’re looking to relax and bob your head to a chilled-out song then definitely don’t miss out on this track.

Another favorite track from this album was New Gold which features Tame Impala and Bootie Brown.

Let me know what you think of this track.

Listen to Gorillaz - Oil Featuring Stevie Nicks

Gorillaz - Oil Stream On Spotify

Gorillaz - Oil featuring Stevie Nicks lyrics

Then I put my codes in the machine But the world I found was made of faulty dreams (of faulty dreams)

I was on my own there in the psychic silence I was looking out for some other kite to Fly out of the doldrums and recall the log From the early database of your love (of your love)

Fairy light companions To the dark maths that catapult Us into imagined worlds Seems a mockery remote

Interlocking cluster bombs Like drum and bass, I thought Close the wells of poison Fill them up with love

I was on my own there I was all alone I got lost, intangible But that's the place you reach when You can't help yourself anymore And the madness come You'll be falling into the bass and drum (bass and drum)

Fairy light companions To the dark maths that catapult Us into imagined worlds Seems a mockery remote

'Cause I got no choice in it And I'm not so cold I could look you in the eye And not recall (and not recall)

Don't think that my heart is a sad affair without you Individual actions change the world Fill them up with love

Gorillaz Ft Stevie Nicks Oil Meaning

The lyrics of Oil written by Stevie Nicks and Gorillaz evoke a sense of introspection and personal struggle while also hinting at the power of love and imagination to overcome difficult circumstances. Here's a breakdown of the meaning behind the lyrics:

The opening lines, "Then I put my codes in the machine, But the world I found was made of faulty dreams," suggest that the narrator has been relying on some sort of system or structure (represented by the machine) to navigate life. However, they have discovered that this system is flawed and doesn't align with their aspirations and ideals.

The phrase "psychic silence" indicates a state of isolation and loneliness. The narrator feels alone in their journey and is searching for something or someone to connect with. The mention of a kite flying out of the doldrums symbolizes the desire to break free from a stagnant and uninspiring state, to find inspiration and revive the passion.

Finding the meaning of Oil By Gorillaz

The line "From the early database of your love" implies that the narrator is reminiscing about a past relationship or a significant connection that brought them joy and fulfillment. They draw strength and inspiration from this memory.

The "fairy light companions" and "dark maths that catapult us into imagined worlds" juxtapose the magical and imaginative with the logical and scientific. It suggests that these contrasting elements can coexist and be sources of inspiration, helping us create new worlds and ideas.

The lyrics also touch on the destructive power of certain forces, represented by the metaphorical "interlocking cluster bombs." This imagery suggests that negative influences, like conflict or chaos, can disrupt the harmony and creativity in our lives.

The reference to "drum and bass" alludes to a genre of music known for its energetic beats and rhythms. It implies that the narrator finds solace or escape in music and art, using them as a means to navigate through challenging times.

The line "Close the wells of poison, Fill them up with love" speaks to the transformative power of love. It suggests that by replacing negativity and toxicity with love and compassion, we can create a more positive and harmonious world.

The repetition of the phrase "I was on my own there, I was all alone" emphasizes the sense of isolation and vulnerability the narrator feels. They may have reached a point of desperation or self-doubt.

The lyrics also convey a realization that the narrator has no control over certain aspects of their life. They acknowledge their vulnerability and inability to change certain circumstances, which might make them feel emotionally detached or distant.

Despite this realization, the lyrics highlight that the narrator's heart is not devoid of feeling. They can still remember and cherish meaningful connections, suggesting that love and memories have a lasting impact.

The closing lines, "Don't think that my heart is a sad affair without you, Individual actions change the world, Fill them up with love," convey a message of hope and empowerment. It implies that while the narrator may have experienced sadness or loss, they recognize the potential for individual actions to create positive change in the world. Love is presented as a powerful force that can influence and shape the world around us.

Overall, these lyrics explore themes of loneliness, the search for meaning, the struggle against negative forces, the power of love and imagination, and the potential for personal agency and positive transformation.


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