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Kendrick Lamar Not Like Us Meaning and Review

Updated: Jul 2

Explosive Allegations

Kendrick Lamar's latest escalation in his ongoing feud with Drake, "Not Like Us," delivers a devastating blow with shockingly direct accusations. The Mustard-produced track crackles with West Coast energy as Kendrick doubles down on previous claims and unleashes an even fiercer lyrical assault.

Is Drake A Paedophile?

The controversy centers around extremely serious allegations of pedophilia and exploitation aimed at Drake and his associates.  It's crucial to note that these claims remain unproven, and it's both irresponsible and potentially harmful to spread them without evidence.  However, their inclusion in the track is undeniable, marking a dark turn in the rappers' public conflict.

Attacking Drakes Authenticity

Beyond the gravity of the accusations, Kendrick attacks Drake's connections to hip-hop culture, labeling him a "colonizer" who exploits Atlanta's music scene. He also references Drake's AI-generated 2Pac verse, suggesting it's disrespectful to the legacy of West Coast rap.

Musical Elements

Musically, "Not Like Us" leans into hyphy-inspired production, showcasing Kendrick's versatility and ability to pay homage to Bay Area influences. His flow is sharp and relentless, adding to the track's intensity.

Kendrick Lamar Not Like Us Review

"Not Like Us" marks a dangerous turning point, pushing the boundaries of creative expression into potentially harmful territory. While the track is musically potent, the weight of the accusations contained within is impossible to ignore.

Listen to Kendrick Lamar Not Like Us

What is the meaning of Kendrick Lamars Not Like Us Lyrics?

The meaning of the diss track "Not Like Us" by Kendrick Lamar is multifaceted and explosive. On the surface, it's a continuation of his brutal lyrical battle with Drake, escalating shocking accusations of pedophilia and targeting Drake's inner circle. However, the track also serves as a broader critique of Drake's perceived cultural appropriation of West Coast and Atlanta hip-hop traditions. Lamar positions himself as the defender of hip-hop's legacy, confronting what he sees as Drake's inauthenticity and exploitation of Black music and culture for commercial gain.

Kendrick Lamar's "Not Like Us":  A Brutal Diss and a Defense of Hip-Hop Traditions

Kendrick Lamar and Drake, two of the most dominant figures in hip-hop, have been locked in a lyrical war that reached a fever pitch in 2024. One of the most potent weapons in Kendrick's arsenal was the track "Not Like Us," a blistering diss and a passionate defense of hip-hop against those he perceives as exploiting its culture.

The Accusations: Pedophilia and Disrespect

"Not Like Us" intensifies the feud by escalating  accusations against Drake. Where previously Kendrick had hinted at Drake's proclivity for younger women, he now explicitly labels him a pedophile. The song's cover art, depicting Drake's Toronto mansion as it might appear on a sex offender registry, visually reinforces this shocking accusation.  Lamar goes on to target members of Drake's inner circle, insinuating his associates are complicit.

These accusations are extremely serious, and Drake has not directly addressed them.  The lack of response leaves the allegations hanging, potentially damaging Drake's reputation.

The Bay vs. The 6: Protecting Pac

Kendrick also accuses Drake of cultural disrespect.  He suggests Drake's use of an AI-generated 2Pac voice on a previous song was an insult to the legacy of one of hip-hop's most revered icons. He paints Drake's actions as exploitative and warns him to expect backlash from the Bay Area and the entire West Coast rap community.

"Colonizer": Authenticity and Exploitation

"Not Like Us" continues an ongoing theme of this beef: questioning Drake's authenticity and connection to Black American culture. Kendrick paints Drake as a "colonizer", someone only interested in Atlanta because it can make him money. He breaks it down artist by artist, claiming that Drake owes key elements of his sound, persona, and vocabulary to various Atlanta rappers.

Lamar positions himself as a protector of hip-hop's integrity, drawing a sharp line between those who genuinely support the culture and those who exploit it for their own ends.

The State of the Feud between Drake and Kendrick

The rap beef between Drake and Kendrick is one of the most high-profile in recent history, filled with layers of subtext, historical reference, and deeply personal jabs. "Not Like Us" is a significant escalation, pushing the conflict into unprecedented territory with its accusations. It positions Kendrick Lamar as a defender of hip-hop's legacy as well as a formidable, even vicious, opponent.

"Not Like Us" is a scathing testament to the intensity of the Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar feud.  More than just entertainment, it ignites discussions on loyalty, authenticity, and the ever-evolving identity of hip-hop.

Not Like Us Lyrics Explained 


  • "Psst, I see dead people": Kendrick references both his ability to see through the facade of others and the classic thriller movie "The Sixth Sense." It sets the stage for the rest of the song, where he's exposing the "dead" reputations of his rivals.

  • "Mustard on the beat, ho": Shout-out to the track's producer, Mustard, a key figure in West Coast hip-hop. It's a way of claiming West Coast backing for the diss.

Verse 1

  • "Deebo, throw... amberlamps": Kendrick dismisses his rivals as easy targets, comparing himself to Deebo, the bully from the movie Friday. He also uses medical imagery to imply his opponents are fragile and in need of life support.

  • Compton & "The Industry": Kendrick paints himself as a Compton native at odds with the wider music industry, signaling the outsider stance he assumes throughout the diss.

Verse 2

  • Violence and Intimidation: This verse is full of vivid threats, warning off any opposition. There's also a reference to religion, with Kendrick willing to act despite "God watchin'", hinting at the righteous anger motivating his attacks.

  • The Pedophilia Accusation: This is where Kendrick drops the most devastating accusation against Drake. He warns others in Drake's orbit to protect young women and children, explicitly calling Drake a pedophile.


"They not like us": The central theme crystallizes: Drake and his associates are outsiders to Kendrick and those he sees as representing authentic hip-hop culture. It's a declaration of separation and superiority.

Verse 3

Disrespect to 2Pac: Here, Kendrick champions the West Coast against Drake, claiming Drake disrespected the iconic 2Pac. He warns that disrespect for the legacy of West Coast hip-hop will anger the Bay Area.

Attacks on Drake's Character: Kendrick questions Drake's relationships (Cole), his authenticity (the owl, a symbol of Drake's OVO label), and his courage. He relentlessly insults Drake, painting him as submissive, fake, and in over his head.

Verse 4

Slavery & Colonization: Kendrick draws a historical parallel between past exploitation and Drake's treatment of Atlanta's hip-hop scene. He paints Drake as using Atlanta's culture for personal gain, profiting off Blackness but not truly belonging. The verse is complex, referencing specific Atlanta artists Drake has allegedly borrowed from and benefitted from.

Bridge & Outro

69 God: This is a reference to controversial rapper Tekashi69, known for snitching and sexual assault allegations. Kendrick equates Drake with this figure, casting him as both a fan (non-threat) and deviant.

"OV-ho" & "Step this way": Possibly references to Crip gang culture, again drawing on Compton imagery to position Kendrick as the authentic figure and Drake as an outsider trying to infiltrate.

Overall Analysis Of Not Like Us Lyrics

"Not Like Us" is a relentless verbal assault on Drake and his crew. Kendrick weaponizes the most serious accusation possible, painting Drake as a predator. He defends West Coast hip-hop and Atlanta artists, positioning himself as the industry watchdog calling out exploitation. The song showcases his aggression, lyrical skill, and his willingness to take the feud to unprecedented levels.

Kendrick Lamar Not Like Us Lyrics 


Psst, I see dead people

(Mustard on the beat, ho)

[Verse 1]

Ayy, Mustard on the beat, ho

Deebo, any rap nigga, he a free throw

Man down, call an amberlamps, tell him, "Breathe, bro"

Nail a nigga to the cross, he walk around like Teezo

What's up with these jabroni-ass niggas tryna see Compton?

The industry can hate me, fuck 'em all and they mama

How many opps you really got? I mean, it's too many options

I'm finna pass on this body, I'm John Stockton

[Verse 2]

Beat your ass and hide the Bible if God watchin'

Sometimes you gotta pop out and show niggas

Certified boogeyman, I'm the one that up the score with 'em

Walk him down, whole time I know he got some ho in him

Pole on him, extort shit, bully, Death Row on him

Say, Drake, I hear you like 'em young

You better not ever go to cell block one

To any bitch that talk to him and they in love

Just make sure you hide your lil' sister from him

They tell me Chubbs the only one that get your hand-me-downs

And PARTY at the party, playin' with his nose now

And Baka got a weird case, why is he around?

Certified Lover Boy? Certified pedophiles

Wop, wop, wop, wop, wop, Dot, fuck 'em up

Wop, wop, wop, wop, wop, I'ma do my stuff

Why you trollin' like a bitch? Ain't you tired?

Tryna strike a chord and it's probably A-Minor


They not like us, they not like us, they not like us

They not like us, they not like us, they not like us

[Verse 3]

You think the Bay gon' let you disrespect Pac, nigga?

I think that Oakland show gon' be your last stop, nigga

Did Cole fouI, I don't know why you still pretendin'

What is the owl? Bird niggas and bird bitches, go

The audience not dumb

Shape the stories how you want, hey, Drake, they're not slow

Rabbit hole is still deep, I can go further, I promise

Ain't that somethin'? B-Rad stands for bitch

And you Malibu most wanted

Ain't no law, boy, you ballboy, fetch Gatorade or somethin'

Since 2009, I had this bitch jumpin'

You niggas'll get a wedgie, be flipped over your boxers

What OVO for? The "Other Vaginal Option"? Pussy

Nigga better straighten they posture, got famous all up in Compton

Might write this with a doctrine, tell the pop star, "Quit hidin'"

Fuck a caption, want action, no accident, and I'm hands-on

He fuck around, get polished

Fucked on Wayne girl while he was in jail, that's connivin'

Then get his face tatted like a bitch apologizin'

I'm glad DeRoz' came home, y'all didn't deserve him neither

From Alondra down to Central, nigga better not speak on Serena

And your home boy need subpoena, that predator move in flocks

That name gotta be registered and placed on neighborhood watch

I lean on you niggas like another line of Wock'

Yeah, it's all eyes on me, and I'ma send it up to Pac, ayy

Put the wrong label on me, I'ma get 'em dropped, ayy

Sweet Chin Music, and I won't pass the aux, ayy

How many stocks do I really have in stock? Ayy

One, two, three, four, five, plus five, ayy

Devil is a lie, he a 69 God, ayy

Freaky-ass niggas need to stay they ass inside, ayy

Roll they ass up like a fresh pack of 'za, ayy

City is back up, it's a must, we outside, ayy


They not like us, they not like us, they not like us

They not like us, they not like us, they not like us

[Verse 4]

Once upon a time, all of us was in chains

Homie still doubled down callin' us some slaves

Atlanta was the Mecca, buildin' railroads and trains

Bear with me for a second, let me put y'all on game

The settlers was usin' town folk to make 'em richer

Fast-forward, 2024, you got the same agenda

You run to Atlanta when you need a check balance

Let me break it down for you, this the real nigga challenge

You called Future when you didn't see the club (Ayy, what?)

Lil Baby helped you get your lingo up (What?)

21 gave you false street cred

Thug made you feel like you a slime in your head (Ayy, what?)

Quavo said you can be from Northside (What?)

2 Chainz say you good, but he lied

You run to Atlanta when you need a few dollars

No, you not a colleague, you a fuckin' colonizer

The family matter, and the truth of the matter

It was God's plan to show y'all the liar




He a fan, he a fan, he a fan (Mm)

He a fan, he a fan, he a—

Freaky-ass nigga, he a 69 God

Freaky-ass nigga, he a 69 God

Hey, hey, hey, hey, run for your life

Hey, hey, hey, hey, run for your life

Freaky-ass nigga, he a 69 God

Freaky-ass nigga, he a 69 God

Hey, hey, hey, hey, run for your life

Hey, hey, hey, hey, run for your life

Let me hear you say, "OV-ho" (OV-ho)

Say, "OV-ho" (OV-ho)

Then step this way, step that way

Then step this way, step that way


Are you my friend?

Are we locked in?

Then step this way, step that way

Then step this way, step that way


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