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Who Are Opus Kink?

Let's talk about a post-punk band flying around indie circles. Post-punk is a music genre that follows punk music in the truest sense. The genre emerged in the late 70s and early 80s in Britain. Over time, it’s flourished and reached every nook and cranny of the world. And with this, various post-punk bands came into existence too. Post-punk bands have an experimental approach to music; they include various elements in their songs including punk rock, new wave, and electronic music. Opus Kink is one such fast-emerging and a highly promising post-punk band that has produced some incredibly catchy songs recently. Today we will find out more about Opus Kink - an emerging band that has the potential to become the next big thing in the music industry.

An Introduction to Opus Kink

Opus Kink is a relatively new band. However, despite being new in the industry, the band members have produced some excellent songs. They are from Brighton, England, and have dreams of becoming one of the "hottest" post-punk bands. The band consists of six members, including Angus, Fin, Sam, Jazz, Johny, and Jed. Angus Rogers is the lead singer of the band.

Opus Kink thrives in live performances. They have done various live concerts and music tours to date. Some of their most popular songs include Mosquito / Faster Than The Radio, Dogs Stay Down / 'Til The Stream Runs Dry, etc. When asked about whether being a musician is living up to the hype, the lead signer, Angus Rogers had something interesting to say. In his words, he is "drowning in pain, attention, glory, and royalties."

How did Opus Kink members meet?

Similar to their music, the story of how the Opus Kink members actually met is quite interesting and unique. The band's lead singer, Angus Rogers, used to be a babysitter to another band member, Jazz, and his sister. At that time, Angus was 15 and Jazz was 10 years old. Both of them grew up in the same hometown and used to play together a lot. Another member of the Opus Kink band, Johny, used to teach music to Fin and Jazz in college. However, the three of them didn't have the usual student-music-teacher relationship. They would often for big night outs together and have long practice sessions. Thus, most members of Opus Kink knew each other even before the band came into existence. They often say that band is made up of brothers, friends, students, and a teacher. It's unique and super cool!

The bottom line

So there you go! That was all about Opus Kink, the fun post-punk band that is taking the country by storm. If you are in the mood for some fun music, you can check out their songs on any streaming platform or visit one of their live shows and enjoy their undeniably good vibes. The band have several live gigs coming up this year as well as a UK tour starting in May. Check out more info on their website.


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