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MGMT Bubblegum Dog Meaning And Review

Updated: Mar 8

MGMT playfully defy expectations with the release of "Bubblegum Dog". The track initially presents itself with a gentle acoustic sensibility, a deceivingly sweet start reminiscent of their earlier work. The listener is lulled into a sense of familiarity, perhaps anticipating yet another dreamy psych-pop gem.

MGMT Bubblegum Dog Review

However, "Bubblegum Dog" takes a delightful twist. With punchy drums and a fuzzy bassline, the song blossoms into a mid-tempo indie rock track. Hints of 90s alt-rock nostalgia become tangible, while dissonance playfully pierces through with an unexpected piano line. It's a calculated sonic detour that keeps the listener engaged and eager for what comes next.

Lyrically, "Bubblegum Dog" carries a weight beneath its playful exterior. There's a bittersweet longing and a sense of searching present within its lines. Juxtaposed against the vibrant sonic backdrop, the song creates a fascinating tension between introspection and a desire to break free.

Should You Listen To Bubblegum Dog By MGMT

Overall, "Bubblegum Dog" is a multi-layered track that showcases MGMT's penchant for the unexpected. It's catchy, memorable, and leaves a lingering impression, hinting at more intriguing directions for their upcoming album "Loss of Life".

MGMT Bubblegum Dog Lyrics Meaning

The meaning of Bubblegum Dog by MGMT is intentionally elusive, but the song primarily explores themes of internal conflict, existential angst, and the weight of time. The "bubblegum dog" serves as a potent metaphor, likely representing a nagging fear, suppressed anxieties, or the consequences of past actions that the speaker can no longer ignore.

The song grapples with a world that feels confusing and disorienting. The speaker questions reality, struggles with weariness from the passage of time, and admits to a toxic bitterness towards their external circumstances. There's a strong undercurrent of self-awareness; the speaker realizes their negative emotions and struggles to escape them.

Ultimately, "Bubblegum Dog" may be about the struggle to confront uncomfortable truths about oneself and the inevitability of life's challenges. The final lines suggest a desire to find solace and connection amidst the chaos, hinting at a possible path toward acceptance and finding meaning even within the existential unease.

MGMT Bubblegum Dog Lyrics

[Verse 1]

Bubblegum dog

Tell me what the truth is

Isn't this bed a log?

Doesn't that confuse things?

Shouldn't I run?

Isn't that the white man?

None of this seems like fun

But maybe that's the point, man?


For years I've strung you along

Afraid of the bubblegum dog

And it's finally catching up with me

I hope it's a false alarm

But the pain of the bubblegum dog

It's finally catching up with me

Who would have believe? I saw

[Verse 2]

Tenement homes

Built upon a fault line

Juvenile quetzal birds

Living in the coal mine

Manicured lawns

Tibetan straw men

Igneous basketballs

Drifting through the heavens


I felt hate toward the earthly world

But hate is a very strong word

And it's finally catching up with me

The years of plodding on

In fear of the bubblegum dog

It's finally catching up with me


So I'll pray it won't be long

I'll wake up and it's all gone

You and me

We'll keep it calm

My bubblegum dog

[Instrumental Break]


The shame of vitriol

Aimed at the bubblegum dog

It's finally catching up with me

And I hate this bubblegum world

But hate is a very strong word

And it's finally catching up with me


So we'll hide until it's gone

Boil the ones that don't belong

Pay the man to keep it on

Days are short and nights are long

Bang our heads against the gong

Maybe tinkle on the lawn

One for all and all for one

My bubblegum dog


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