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Mount Kimbie Fishbrain Meaning and Review

Updated: Mar 16

Mount Kimbie's "Fishbrain": A Sonic Enigma That Lingers

Mount Kimbie's "Fishbrain" is a sonic enigma that burrows its way under your skin. From the moment the track begins, a sense of unease settles in. Gritty, distorted guitars jangle against glitchy, fractured electronics, creating a disorienting foundation. Kai Campos' vocals float ethereally above the chaos, his lyrics cryptic and questioning. The repeated refrain, "Fishbrain, what do you think about!?" feels less like a direct address and more like an internal struggle against spiraling thoughts.

Production as a Masterclass in Dissonance

The song's production is a masterclass in controlled dissonance. Elements clash and coalesce, building tension that never quite fully resolves. It's a testament to Mount Kimbie's skill that this unsettling atmosphere doesn't become overwhelming; instead, it's strangely captivating.

Haunting Music Video Adds Depth

Alongside the dissonant soundscape, the accompanying music video adds another layer of unsettling beauty. The charcoal animation depicts a dystopian world of fish-scale factories and enigmatic figures, perfectly mirroring the song's haunting tone.

"Fishbrain" isn't an easy listen, but those willing to surrender to its unsettling atmosphere will find a uniquely rewarding experience. It's a track that lingers long after it fades out, a testament to Mount Kimbie's continued sonic inventiveness.

Mount Kimbie Fishbrain Lyrics Meaning

The lyrics of "Fishbrain" are deeply introspective and deal with themes of existential doubt, environmental anxieties, and finding hope amidst chaos. Let's break it down:

Fishbrain as a Metaphor

The central image of "fishbrain" seems to represent a sense of mental numbness or lack of deep thought. The repeated question, "Fishbrain, what do you think about?" highlights a struggle with mental clarity and meaningful introspection.

Existential Drifting and Disillusionment

The verses portray a feeling of being adrift, like someone "sliding down" or "a bad swimmer." This internal drifting and the lines about being "born again" with a different mindset suggest a personal struggle and a sense of disillusionment with a previous way of life.

Environmental Collapse

Images of burning states, collapsing freeways, and choking on polluted air paint a vivid picture of environmental disaster. This reflects mounting anxieties about climate change and its destructive consequences.

Finding Hope in Connection

Amidst this chaos, the lyrics highlight a sense of connection found in the outside world ("working outside... I feel connection outside"). There's hope found in the natural realm, possibly hinting at finding a sense of grounding and purpose in the face of destruction.


The recurring question "Does it feel good knowing you're alkaline?" is intriguing. Alkaline can refer to a sense of neutrality or being chemically balanced. It's possible this questioning implies a search for inner peace or stability even when external circumstances are chaotic (like the kitchen being on fire).

Fishbrain Meaning

"Fishbrain" isn't about concrete answers, but rather it captures a whirlwind of internal questioning. The speaker wrestles with existential doubt, fears of environmental collapse, and the ever-present internal struggle symbolized by "fishbrain." The song ends with a glimmer of hope, possibly in connection to the natural world or another person, but it's a fragile sort of hope within a turbulent landscape.

Mount Kimbie Fishbrain Lyrics


Fishbrain, what do you think about?

Don't know

Never thought about it


Sliding down

A bad swimmer

Inside my mind

I drift alone in the shallows

A face, a square, in alkaline

Now we're running out of films

In late July, the days roll by

And I let 'em go

I think I've been born again

My head feels different now

Working outside, living outside

I feel connection outside

The state's on fire

The freeways, they sway and collapse

People hide, clouds cry

A new way to be on dry land

There's no air to breathe, I choke

I can taste the industry

I thought we wеre done

I thought our time had finally comе

I guess I was wrong

Yeah, I guess I was wrong



What do you think about?

On your sofa

When you're kitchen's on fire?

And, fishbrain

When you slip away at night?

Does it feel good knowing you're alkaline, alkaline?


When did your world collapse?

You were so close

Now your kitchen's on fire

And, fishbrain (Fishbrain)

When you've given all you've got

Does it feel good knowing that you're alkaline? (Alkaline)


You're my hope

You're hope now, baby

I feel so close to you

You're my hope

Now we're running out of films


In late July, the days roll by

And I let 'em go


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