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Bring Me The Horizon liMOusIne Meaning and Review

Sonic Landscape

"liMOusIne" marks a distinct shift in sound from its predecessor on POST HUMAN: NeX GEn. The track dives headfirst into heavier territory, delivering a bass-heavy, grunge-infused experience reminiscent of 90s alternative rock. The production is top-notch, with crystal-clear bass lines that rumble and resonate, providing a satisfying foundation for the song's raw energy.

Oli Sykes' Vocal Prowess

Oli Sykes' vocal delivery is a standout feature of "liMOusIne." His versatile performance effortlessly transitions between talk-singing verses and distorted spoken-word sections, adding a dynamic edge to the track. The effect is both captivating and unsettling, drawing the listener into the song's emotional depths.

Grunge Revival

The grunge influence is undeniable in "liMOusIne," from the gritty guitar tones to the angsty lyrics. The song feels like a sonic time capsule, transporting listeners back to the heyday of alternative rock. This stylistic departure from Bring Me The Horizon's more recent work is a refreshing surprise, showcasing their willingness to experiment and evolve.

Lyrical Exploration

The lyrics of "liMOusIne" delve into themes of self-destruction, codependency, and the dark side of desire. The song's narrator is caught in a toxic relationship, drawn to the thrill of pain and willing to endure emotional turmoil for a fleeting sense of connection. Lines like "I'll swallow the bile for you" and "I hope you wrote all your songs for me" reveal a desperate yearning for validation and a willingness to sacrifice personal well-being for the sake of a destructive love.

Aurora's Ethereal Touch

The addition of AURORA's vocals adds a layer of ethereal beauty to the song's otherwise gritty landscape. Her voice floats above the heavy instrumentation, providing a sense of contrast and emotional depth. The interplay between Sykes' raw vocals and AURORA's delicate delivery creates a captivating dynamic that keeps the listener engaged throughout.

Bring Me The Horizon liMOusIne Review

"liMOusIne" is a captivating and unexpected addition to POST HUMAN: NeX GEn. Its heavy sound, angsty lyrics, and 90s grunge aesthetic make it a standout track that showcases Bring Me The Horizon's versatility and willingness to push boundaries. While it may not be for everyone, those who crave a taste of raw, unfiltered emotion set against a backdrop of heavy instrumentation will find themselves drawn to this sonic thrill ride.

Listen to Bring Me The Horizon liMOusIne

The Toxic Relationship Metaphor

The meaning of Bring Me The Horizon's "liMOusIne" lyrics are centered around a toxic, self-destructive relationship. The song's narrator is caught in a cycle of emotional turmoil, seemingly addicted to the pain and chaos that the relationship brings. The lyrics paint a picture of a person who feels trapped and powerless, yet also drawn to the destructive nature of the connection.

The Desire for Emotional Intensity

The repeated line "Drag me down some more, get me low like a basement" signifies a desire to be pushed to the edge, to experience the depths of despair. The narrator seems to find solace in the intensity of the emotions, even if those emotions are negative. This could be interpreted as a metaphor for addiction, where the person seeks out the harmful substance or behavior despite knowing its destructive consequences.

The Limousine Symbolism

The limousine itself serves as a symbol of the relationship's allure and danger. It represents a luxurious, yet confining space, where the narrator is both indulged and imprisoned. The line "In a rut, belted up in the limousine" suggests a feeling of being trapped in a predetermined path, unable to escape the toxic cycle.

Glimmer of Hope and Lingering Doubt

The song's bridge, sung by AURORA, introduces a glimmer of hope for change. The lines "So lock all the doors, 'Cause I'm insecure, Let's get out of here" suggest a desire to break free from the toxic environment and seek a healthier path. However, the outro, with its repeated question "Does it make you sick?" implies a lingering doubt and a fear of letting go of the familiar pain.

Bring Me The Horizon liMOusIne Lyrical Impression / Analysis

"liMOusIne" is a raw and unflinching portrayal of a toxic relationship. The lyrics capture the complex emotions of desire, pain, and the struggle for self-preservation. It's a song that resonates with anyone who has ever felt trapped in a destructive cycle, offering a glimpse into the dark side of love and the difficulty of breaking free.

Bring Me The Horizon liMOusIne Lyrics 

[Intro: Oli Sykes]

Drag me down some more, get me low like a basement

I hope that you wrote all your songs for me

[Verse 1: Oli Sykes]

On my last nerve, burnt out all my veins

Blue angels tryna sacrifice the shame

Soul crushin' goin’ back around the turn again, yeah

Cut my teeth on a diamond till it's rough

Feelin' good but it's never good enough

Got a bellyache crawlin' in my guts again, yeah

[Pre-Chorus: Oli Sykes]

Come closer

I'll swallow the bile for you

Don't want closure

I'll stitch myself up alone, oh, no, ah

[Chorus: Oli Sykes]

Drag me down some more, get me low like a basement

I hopе that you wrote all your songs for me

Kiss the ground I walk, I'm a fool for you

In a rut, bеlted up in the limousine

[Verse 2: AURORA]

Hop inside, take a ride to the top (Ah-ah-ah)

We can brake, but we're never gonna stop

Got a death wish tuggin' on my sleeves again, yeah

[Pre-Chorus: Oli Sykes & AURORA, Oli Sykes]

Roll over

I'll tickle that spot for you

It's not over

Didn't want to let go (Drag me down)

[Chorus: Oli Sykes & AURORA]

Drag me down some more, get me low like a basement

I hope that you wrote all your songs for me

Kiss the ground I walk, I'm a fool for you

In a rut, belted up in the limousine

[Bridge: Oli Sykes & AURORA, AURORA]

So lock all the doors

'Cause I'm insecure

Let's get out of here (Out of here)

[Outro: Oli Sykes & AURORA]

What the fuck you waiting for? (What? Ah-ah-ah-ah)

Do you like the way your skin crawls? (Ah-ah)

How it makes your body twitch?

Does it make you sick?

Does it make you sick?

Does it make you sick?



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