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Future and Metro Boomin Young Metro Ft The Weekend Meaning and Review

Young Metro Is A Hypnotic Flex Anthem

Metro Boomin's Production

Metro Boomin delivers a masterful beat on "Young Metro." His signature dark, atmospheric trap sound shines with shifting synths and haunting background elements.  This provides the perfect backdrop for Future's confident and laid-back delivery.

Future's Flex

Future wastes no time getting into his lyrical flow. He drops a lengthy verse filled with braggadocious lines about his wealth, women, and untouchable status. His technical ability is highlighted in his seamless delivery, effortlessly weaving in designer brands, expensive jewelry, and his lavish lifestyle.  While the themes are classic Future, fans will appreciate the confident execution.

The Weeknd's Haunting Touch

The Weeknd's contribution is less of a traditional hook and more of an atmospheric presence. His signature vocal adlibs intertwine through the beat, adding a touch of melancholy and a unique texture to the song. While not a catchy singalong moment, his haunting presence elevates the track's vibe.

The Bottom Line

"Young Metro"  is a celebration of Future and Metro Boomin's success. This hypnotic flex anthem is the perfect addition for fans who love their signature moody, trap-infused sound. While it may not have a mainstream chart-topping hook, "Young Metro" confidently asserts their dominance and delivers exactly what their cre audience wants.

Listen to Young Metro By Future and Metro Boomin ft The Weekend 


Future and Metro Boomin Young Metro Lyrics Meaning 

"Young Metro" is a flex anthem that celebrates success while also delving into the complexities and challenges that come with it. It's a blend of confidence, vulnerability, and raw energy, characteristic of Future and The Weeknd's style.


The repetition of "Young Metro" establishes the producer's tag, signaling the involvement of Metro Boomin in crafting the track's beat. It sets the tone for what's to come.


Future starts with references to Evel Knievel, a famous daredevil, symbolizing his own daring and larger-than-life persona. He boasts about his status, comparing himself to a Beatle in terms of fame and influence. He also talks about his ability to attract women and his wealth, comparing himself to iconic brands like Adidas.

Verse 1:

Future continues to assert his dominance, mentioning his readiness to defend himself ("Grip the forty") and his indulgence in drugs and luxury. He talks about his rise from humble beginnings and his commitment to his goals. The imagery of him in a Porsche Cayenne and references to his lifestyle emphasize his success and status.


The Weeknd's contribution adds a layer of emotion, touching on themes of struggle and loneliness. His repetition of "I been drownin'" suggests inner turmoil and perhaps the weight of fame or personal challenges.


The repetition of "Young Metro" reinforces the producer's role in the song, while Future and The Weeknd continue to express their emotional and mental states.

Verse 2:

Future and The Weeknd collaborate in this verse, with Future boasting about his entrepreneurial endeavors and his ability to turn challenges into opportunities. References to drugs and street life are juxtaposed with mentions of wealth and success. The Weeknd's lines add to the overall narrative, highlighting the consequences and sacrifices that come with their lifestyles.


Future’s plea of "I need you" juxtaposed with The Weekends' repetition of "Okay, okay" leaves the song on a somewhat ambiguous note, possibly hinting at a desire for companionship or understanding amidst the chaos and excess portrayed in the rest of the track.

Future and Metro Boomin Young Metro Lyrics Featuring The Weekend

[Intro: Future]

Yeah, yeah

Young Metro, Young Metro, Young Metro

Yeah, yeah

Young Metro, Young Metro, Young Metro

Yeah (Yeah), yeah (Yeah), yeah (Yeah), yeah (Yeah)

Yeah (Yeah), yeah (Yeah)

Okay, okay, okay

[Chorus: Future]

Evel Knievel, Pluto told his heaters, "Leave nigga in the freezer," I'm big as a Beatle (Okay, okay)

Fuck on a diva, I’m hot than a fever (Woo)

Put dope on one leaders more stripes than Adidas (Okay, okay)

I got these regular hoes, I got superstar hoes takin' pictures of me like the feds

Check out my video, lil' bitch, that’s silly, ho

Got me with a mill' in jewelry, in the bed (Okay, okay)

[Verse 1: Future]

Grip the forty while I'm sleep in my hand (Drink it up)

Drink the dope and I get cool as a fan (Drink it up)

Turbo motor hot, I'm scorchin' in France (Skrrt-skrrt)

Bitch, you bogus if you don't bring a friend (Bitch, you bogus)

Came from nothin', you can't feel what I’m sayin’ (Came up)

Hundred shots, I gotta stick to the plan (One hundred)

Sloppy toppy gotta get it again

Shorty boppin', she just pushin’ the brand

Solo, but the hitters pullin' up on demand

Chauffer with the Phantom, I'm like Stunna when I land

I ain't never sober, I got pills and I’m sharin'

Cop a new hammer with the cooler, it don't jam

Took the show on the road gettin' bands on bands

On the high, on the low, I'm the man, I'm the man (Man)

Strikin' off, strikin' off, Porsche Cayenne (Strike out)

Live it up, ran it up, got it expand

[Bridge: The Weeknd & Future]

I been drowning

I been tryin'

I been low

All alone (Oh, oh, oh)

Say you want me (Oh, oh, oh)


I been drownin'

[Refrain: Future & The Weeknd]

Yeah, yeah (I been drownin')

Young Metro, Young Metro, Young Metro

Yeah, yeah (I been drownin')

Yeah, yeah

[Verse 2: Future & The Weeknd]

Got the hood in the trunk and that's my bitch

I'm a mogul, that make her a boss bitch (Oh, woah)

I'ma float on this shit like the coast clear

I put dope on my block, make the dope flip (Oh, woah)

I got work on me, nigga, I got dog shit

Get you hit in yo' shit, it won't cost shit

Take a load and run through it in one minute

With that mud in my system, I function

Took her freestyle and turned it to cash

I get fly to you, this not a caption

When I got in this shit, I got hot in this shit

I came through in a coupe, I was smashin' (Oh, woah)

I was good in the hood servin' 'Phetamine

Gettin' a billion to see what's ahead of me (Oh, woah)

My real day ones, they ready catch felonies

Goin' Richard Mille for the whole team

Tote a stick and throw dice at the curb

Ho, go fuck on a nigga I birthed

If she lose, that's a choice and a curse

You lil' niggas, I take you to church (Oh, woah)

[Bridge: Future & The Weeknd]

Yeah, yeah

Young Metro, Young Metro, Young Metro (Oh, woah)

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Okay, okay

Oh, woah

No, no

Lord, no

Okay, okay (Lord, have mercy)

Okay, okay (Jesus)

[Chorus: Future & The Weeknd]

Evel Knievel, Pluto told his heaters, "Leave nigga in the freezer," I'm big as a Beatle (Okay, okay, Jesus)

Fuck on a diva, I'm hot than a fever (Woo)

Put dope in one liters, more stripes than Adidas (Okay, okay, Jesus)

I got these regular hoes, I got superstar hoes takin' pictures of me like the feds

Check out my video, lil' bitch, that's silly, ho

Got me with a mill' in jewelry in the bed (Okay, okay)

[Outro: The Weeknd & Future]

I need you

Okay, okay

Okay, okay

1 Comment

J. Cole
J. Cole
Apr 10

This may be Abel’s last feature before his upcoming album. I notice how he mentions “lord have mercy,” and says Jesus name repeatedly .Then ends with “I need you.” I believe in his upcoming album The Weeknd finds god and gets closer to him. I know he was affiliated with the devil at some point in which BBTM was created. I believe The Weeknd found his paradise by getting closer to god

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