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Gummo - Persona Non Grata

@gummotheband GUMMO are a 3 piece noisy punk rock band from Norrtälje, Sweden and they sent in their latest EP Persona Non Grata, which they recorded as a two piece. The tone of this album reminds me a lot of something from Mudhoneys Superfuzz Big Muff.

Probably because I know they're using a modded big muff to get the tight fuzz on the guitar tone. The EP kicks off with Bumblebee which makes use of that tight fuzz, for this being recorded as a two piece, they've done a good job of making the tracks feel full. With these guitar solos which go full on the attack.

The vocals of GUMMO are pretty unique in my opinion & this gives me an authentic punk vibe to it.

The second track Embrace The Hopelessness starts off a little bit cleaner before transitioning into the hectic noise filled sound of GUMMO. This song makes use of a cleaner guitar behind the fuzz guitars paired with these sinister vocals which get stretched when the singer raises his voice, giving an intentional clipping effect which works so well for the band.

The third track Garmonbozia is a much more slowed down and relaxed song, still features those distorted, but clean vocals. Which ultimately lead up to a pretty crazy chorus. This is a pretty decent song, it reminds me of something Audioslave would put out.

The next track To Forgive & Forget is probably one of my favourites, for the way they play with feedback in this track, with tense vocals that get distorted in the chorus complimenting the fuzzed out guitar.

The lyric "can I forgive you, or set you all on fire" is going to stick out in your head in this one.-The last track of this EP is Yer Blouse, that utilises a shimmering tremolo to build up the intro of the song. In Gummo fashion this all gets crazy.-Overall I love this fucking EP


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