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High Vis - The Bastard Inside

A band that I’m more than excited to talk about is @highvisuk with this post punk track The Bastard Inside from their debut album No Sense No Feeling.⁣

In this track the London punks give us a taste of a classic british post-punk sound; think Joy Division/ Bauhaus mixed with modern shoegaze elements such as vocals/chorus being similar to Title FIghts Hyperview record. ⁣

This mix comes out working so well, the bulk of the song has this fluidly piercing guitar line shimmering and reverberating over a much more attack based focused bass line and a second guitar that accents the shimmering lead.⁣

I’d say the vocals definitely add to the shoegaze aspect of what I’ve been talking about as they have their own separate reverb/delay and that it just adds this raw airy atmosphere into this track which blends everything together nicely.⁣

Please please please I’m begging you if you’ve not checked these guys out then you need to as their debut was so sick but they’ve also brought an EP out this year titled Society Exists and that has two amazing tracks Down To You and Desire ⁣


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