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IDLES Monolith Meaning and Review

Updated: Mar 19

IDLES Monolith Review

IDLES’ new album TANGK closes with an unexpected surprise: "Monolith".  Unlike the band's signature raucous anthems, it offers a hauntingly beautiful departure. With a slow-burn intensity reminiscent of a walk towards a transformative pyre, "Monolith" reveals a newfound level of introspection and a willingness to expose raw vulnerability. Its mellowed sound palette and a mournful touch of horns in the coda amplify a sense of bittersweet resolve.

What are the themes of IDLES Monolith?

Lyrically, "Monolith" reads like an emotionally evocative poem. Cryptic verses address personal rebirth, claiming new power, and grappling with the potential losses incurred along the way.  A repeated plea to be held with compassion underscores the need for deep support on this transformative journey. Tender farewells to different loved ones imply awareness of change and a desire to leave a meaningful impact.

How is Monolith a perfect ending to TANGK?

This track marks a bold turning point in IDLES' trajectory. Instead of externalized aggression,  "Monolith" focuses on an internal battle It suggests a band refusing to rest within a defined niche, opting instead to excavate personal depths. Whether a temporary detour or a new sonic direction, the closing track on TANGK leaves little doubt about IDLES' ability to deliver emotionally complex explorations while retaining their musical core.  This could be the album's most moving and thought-provoking offering.

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IDLES Monolith Lyrics Meaning

The meaning of "Monolith" by IDLES is deeply introspective, signalling a profound personal transformation.  The song depicts a break from old dependencies and patterns, like shedding an old self.   The imagery of claiming power and leaving loved ones suggests wrestling with the cost of this radical change and the need for unwavering support amidst vulnerability.

Despite the sombre undertones, a thread of hope emerges in the promise of a return. "Monolith" hints at a journey towards finding resilience within the self. Perhaps it's not a final goodbye, but an acknowledgement of the pain associated with personal growth and the importance of support from loved ones along the way.

IDLES Monolith Lyrics

Tell my boys I'll be back in spring

I've found myself my own king

I took his crown, I took his ring

What if you ignored the cost

Fostered eyes and fostered loss

Hold me like your own

Fostered pen, fostered bone

Tell all my girls I'll be gone

Who needs wings when I hear you sing


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