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Iron Reagan - Dark Days Ahead Review

@ironreaganofficial return with their latest EP on my favourite punk label @popwig " Dark Days Ahead" is a short celebration of thrashing hardcore metal. With only 5 track's your listen of this EP will come to around 8 minutes. Short & sweet.

Iron Reagan bring in fast crushing riffs and some pretty sick raw vocals. I love the title track of this album as when it's ending it shifts into this dancing drum rhythm as it lets everything settle down, brutal as hell and this EP gets me hyped as it drags you in with its energy.

Honestly, this is an EP you need to check out for yourself it's full of energy, lively and raw. If I would say listen to any of the tracks it'd have to be "Dark Days Ahead" "Patronizer" & "Watch You Die" or just listen to the whole EP as it's only 8 minutes?

Behind The Scenes/ Move On


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