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Jeshi - The Great Stink Review

Jeshi smashes it out of the park with his latest releases; the EP The Great Stink is an example of why Jeshi is one of the best and a leader in UK hip hop/ R&B vibes.

With 6 tracks the EP is short enough to keep your ADHD attention span, clocking in under 20 minutes.

The Great Stink - Jeshi Tracklist

The Great Stink is comprised of 6 masterfully produced tracks, that touch on themes such as perseverance, self-loathing and betterment. This self-aware, introspective nature is what makes Jeshi one of the best in the UK.

The great stink track list is:

  1. Air Raid

  2. Inside Out

  3. Head Height

  4. Bad Stomach

  5. Paid Partnership

  6. Spirit Level

The Great Stink EP Review

The Great Stink By Jeshi starts off with Air Raid, one of the lead singles from the EP, dark in nature whilst Jeshi explores the bottom of the barrel lyrically. This track is about being at the bottom, that’s accented by this beat which ends up sounding like knocking at the door. A lot of self-loathing is explored through this track.

Inside Out

Inside Out is the second track from The Great Stink which is much more energetic than Air Raid. I’m a fan of how the beat gets absolutely twisted on the chorus, it’s this head-bopping glitchiness that just pops. Somehow Jeshi is able to say “Got me on the inside out , how it f**ked me up how it weighed me down” into this bop. After this track we get Head Height which is one of the most varied tracks on The Great Stink, much more mellow and much more melodic for the likes of Jeshi, this execution is carried out with a clean shimmering guitar, backing Jeshi as he starts to sing about being made a mess of by a previous love.

Bad Stomach Feat Jawnino

Track 4 on The Great Stink is Bad Stomach Feat Jawnino, this is more of the classic rap tracks we know from Jeshi and the feature here works so well. Production is absolutely on point with this bass backing the right amount, snares that build up feel crisp and I can’t even explain but the whole track has this sliding / cascading effect on me whenever I listen to the samples accenting the beat enhance this whilst Jeshi and Janion tear it up.

Paid Partnership

Paid Partnership is the next track, and god damn this is a smooth track, this fits right next to being played either before or after Protein also by Jeshi in a live set, it’s a bit more experimental and weird, but the execution just slaps. It’s got the same level of gusto and confidence, a great track to listen to when you’re feeling good about yourself delivered in a weird electronic, hip-hop package.

Spirit Level

One of my favourite tracks off the EP is the last. Spirit Level is an introspective exploration into that self-loathing mentality “Your bens leave me in dust”. The beat behind the first verse is a synthy that’s ringing out and a minimal drum beat, however, the bass when the chorus kicks in is like this song stepping up and then again. It only gets deeper whilst on a journey of comparison, trying to balance out the jealousy and the feelings.

The song kicks into a different gear around 2 minutes in which turns into Jeshi using this distorted effect on his voice and rapping fast and talking about how the whole world reeks but “whole world looks much better than me”.

To close off The Great Stink By Jeshi Review.

Jeshi absolutely delivers on The Great Stink, hopefully, this is a momentous swing and we see a new album or a follow-up soon. Either way, This guy has been making waves across the UK, Amsterdam, playing Boiler Room, Outbreak Festival. On different sides of the scale but respected across scenes and genres. The Great Stink is a prime example of his diverse nature. Check it out.

Listen to The Great Stink By Jeshi

You can listen to The Great Stink here:


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