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Jesus Piece - Only Self Review

@Jesuspiece are a hardcore outfit hailing from Philadelphia. Having released their album Only Self on August 24th there’s only really one conclusion for this album. it’s a piece of brutally bruising hardcore. It’s chunky, it’s full of fast blast beats and meaty riffs.

Kicking off Only Self is the track Lucid. Lucid opens up with jagged aggressive attack based rhythmic playing from all sections, props for Jesus Piece to get their tone on this album so nailed down. The vocals across Only Self sound like they’re being suffocated which goes well with the music.

This album also has some of the best back and forths between their two vocalists. The song ends with these distorted speaker vocals, whilst Jesus Piece play immaculately over them and then the song has a bashing second half which leads into the next song perfectly.

Jesus Piece give us what you’d expect from a hardcore album like this and plays amazingly throughout the whole of it. If I had to give some highlights on this it’d have to be Curse Of The Serpent, this is my favourite track on this. It just gets me hyped for anything same with the track In The Silence.

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