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Joy Divsion - 24 Hours Review

The best thing about Joy Divison? That’s hard to say Peter Hooks bass lines? Ian Curtis’ lyricism? Bernard Sumners work on the keys and guitars or Stephen Morris’ drum technique. Who really knows, maybe they were all great musicians with great chemistry to create the music they made.

Taken from their second album Closer, Twenty Four Hours sets up a pretty melancholic scene which is as expected of Joy Division. The slow moving bass line driving the song, the guitars acting as a pulsating shimmer building up to a wall of noise of everything playing faster, really turning up the intensity of the track.

My favourite part of this track is at the start of the first chorus where Ian Curtis sings ” Thought I'd found my way, destiny unfolded, I watched it slip away” and then noise walling starts again with everything getting faster. It just builds tension effectively.

Check this song out!


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