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Mindforce - Excalibur Review

Excalibur by @mindforceny is one of the best hardcore songs I’ve heard for awhile. Hailing from their 2018 album with the same name.

Idk what to say, the intro is fucking sick. They make use of this fuzzed-out guitar which works so well as they’re doing this crazy call and response between the lead and the instrumentals, proper rhythmic groove then and the lead almost glitching out on top as it comes after we’re introduced to the vocals which I love yelling out “I FEEL THE FIREE”. And that’s when I knew this was going to be a sick track.

Whilst the rhythm sections keeping this constant chugging below the lead apart from this solo halfway through the track but just the speed and energy they can keep this at and mix it up is impressive like this song has been structured so well. Honestly this track could get me hyped up for anything, whether I’d be on a run, slaying the KBD on Runescape or the morning after eating spicy food

Nah in all seriousness this track is sick check it out and let me know what you think.


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