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Nothing - Spirit Of The Stairs Review

Listening to Spirit Of The Stairs from @bandofnothing makes you wonder why any of the unreleased material was almost left on the cutting room floor.

Thank God this was released though, we get rare tracks such as Spell, In Metal that haven't ever got a big release apart from in the likes of the ”Our First 100 Days” collaboration on Bandcamp etc.

This album is so beautiful, one of the unreleased songs from Dance On The Blacktop is ”Pattern After Us” which is probably one of my favourite tracks from this band. I see how this may not have fit the tone of Dance On The Blacktop but damn everything's there. The reverberated vocals work so well. It's almost unlike any song they've done before but familiar, signature shoegaze and fuzz sound but different. I love the bridge in this track ” I can't stay here and waste away dear” behind a menacing bass line. What an absolute tune this is.

”Dirty White Glove” is another DOTB release that is a lot slower than Pattern After Us, reminding me of B&E, creates a soft reflective and its pretty nice to listen to. Also ”Spell” is pretty engulfing, like you just get immersed behind the slow acoustics and romanticsed lyrics.

We also get some pretty rare demos and sessions such as the Us/We/Are piano version, I hate The Flowers, and so on. Spirit Of The Stairs is sick. Do yourself a favour and listen to Nothing 🔥


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