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Radiohead - Paranoid Android Poster

I was too busy getting mad at a design and I’ve not posted in over a week so I had to take my eyes off it and I made this.⁣

It’s a poster based on if Paranoid Android was in the finale of the monologue in Blade Runner where Roy Batty gives his tears in rain speech. ⁣

I had to try out these new glass shapes from @studioinnate . I’ve tried glass morphism before but this is such a clean effect that took no time at all with that.⁣

Played on the paranoid side of the track by flipping an overlay of a softer base image that’s flipped and the glass corners just came on a whim.⁣

Let me know what you think of this and do you vibe with Radiohead?⁣

PS: I just wanna thank Radiohead for mainly using my favourite typecase Eurostile. Made it so easy to incorporate


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