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Spaced - Boomerang Review And Analysis

Boomerang: A Sonic Juggernaut Crushing Hardcore Boundaries

From the get-go, Spaced lays claim to their territory in "Boomerang" with no compromises. Guitars instantly rip into a crushing distorted chord, like a runaway train roaring into the station. 

Drums thunder like a storm, colliding with the guitars to forge a thick, relentless rhythm track. This is raw power personified, Spaced living up to their "far out hardcore" reputation.

Spaced capture the hardcore groove on Booomerang

But this captivating riff isn't just noise – it's cunningly woven into a haunting melody, a rough-hewn, serrated line that lingers in your head. It repeats relentlessly, slamming into your ears again and again, building unstoppable momentum.

 This repetition itself is an emotional manipulation, pulling you into a state of tense anticipation, craving release.

Spaced masterfully uses this tension, weaving in tempo shifts and melodic fragments throughout the song. Sudden breaks into short breakdowns, with bone-chilling guitar skids, before erupting back into the devastating main riff. These moments are like a rollercoaster, taking you from the depths of rage to the adrenaline-pumping highs.

It's worth noting that the band doesn't just rely on brute force. In the song's second half, they showcase their mastery of dynamics. Guitars weave in noise-infused, distorted textures, then fade into ethereal echoes, leaving only the drums to maintain the pulse. This contrast amplifies the emotional impact, creating a brief space to breathe before the storm hits again.

Spaced gives us 1:57 Seconds Of Chaos

Finally, the song ends as it began: with the destructive riff and thunderous drums. But this time, it carries a triumphant aura, a sense of overcoming adversity. Spaced isn't just making noise – they're sculpting an experience with their music, a cathartic release of anger, a way to build connection and declare their own power.

 Through their ferocious playing, masterful structure, and clever use of dynamics, Spaced proves their potential to become hardcore giants. This is a song that will shatter your bones, ignite your soul, and leave you pulsating long after the last note fades.

Listen to Spaced- Boomerang

What is the meaning of Spaced Boomerang:

The song starts with a direct address to someone who has engaged in negativity, be it speaking empty words, manipulating, or simply not playing fair. The lyrics highlight the hypocrisy and lack of authenticity in their actions, questioning their motives and calling them out on their empty promises. The speaker, however, stands strong, refusing to be swayed by their words or intimidated by their potential threats. They've learned to tune out the negativity and focus on their own path, knowing that true strength lies in resilience and self-belief.

Resilience and a refusal to be brought down:

The chorus reiterates the central question: "What are you gonna do?" It's a powerful refrain that echoes the theme of facing consequences and taking responsibility for one's actions. The speaker emphasizes their own resilience, having faced challenges head-on and emerged stronger. They're unafraid to repeat their message, ensuring it resonates with the listener and serves as a reminder to stand up for oneself. The final lines, "Why can't you get it through your skull?" drive home the point of accountability and the need for introspection.

Spaced Boomerang Lyrics

What are you gonna do?⁣

When it all comes back at you?⁣

Screaming from the sidelines cause you don't got what it takes⁣

To make it in the real world, you're not in the game⁣

Telling lies every time, what are you tryna prove?⁣

They stacked the deck, what'd you expect, now what you gonna do?⁣

Empty words, it's all I ever hear⁣

That's why I let it in one side and out the other ear⁣

Empty words, that's all you ever say⁣

That's why I never listen when you talk that shit to me⁣

I live through it, yeah I knew it no one's bringing me down⁣

I'll repeat it if you need it, are you listening now?⁣

I got one question⁣

Why can't you get it through your skull?⁣

Why can't you get it through your skull?⁣

Why can't you get it through your skull?⁣

Why can't you get it through your skull?⁣

Why can't you get it through your⁣

What are you gonna do?⁣

When it all comes back at you?⁣

What are you⁣

What are you⁣

What are you⁣

What are you gonna do?


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