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Stay Free 2022 Highlights

Excited to showcase my top songs of 2022. With this playlist, I wanted to highlight a healthy mix of upcoming and established artists from a wide array of genres. From the punk-infused energy of Ceremony to the surprise new album of Little Simz with No Thank You this playlist has something for everyone.

We have SAULT's soulful and politically charged R&B, and Bambara's brooding post-punk EP with Love On My Mind that’s got a dash of Country to it. The hardcore punk band Mindforce shocked me with a new record this year and Joey Badass brought out a great rap project in 2000.

Other 2022 highlights include:

  • Blood Orange - Jesus Freak Lighter

  • Nathan Day - Bruh

  • Can’t Get None - Militarie Gun

  • Mount Kimbie - F1 racer

  • Spice - Live Scene

  • Flesh Creep - Bullets

  • Show Me The Body - We Came To Play

Pretty much every track in this playlist is a standout to me.

Let me know if you think I’ve missed anything.


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