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Stay Free: Story Of The Clash Narrated By Chuck D

Stay Free: Story Of The Clash is a Spotify exclusive podcast, which is a documentary about the only band that mattered, The Clash. Narrated by Chuck D from the rap group Public Enemy.

This documentary is stylised and edited so well, with a conversational tone, bringing in people who were there at the time, such as Don Letts from Madness and members of the band, club owners and interviews from producers of their albums.

The Story of The Clash talks about how they came together from manager Bernie Rhodes, to their sacking him, talks about what happens with too much studio interference like when they made Give Em Enough Rope. And talks about how they diverted the rules of punk because they wanted to do whatever they wanted.

If you've not listened to this podcast yet i'd highly recommend it, it's one that's kinda motivated me seeing how a DIY project exploded from extreme enthusiasm and bold optimism to make it work. Check this out🔥


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