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The Clash - Cut The Crap - Album Review

The Forgotten Clash Album

Cut The Crap Was Forgotten For Good Reason.

I love The Clash but not this album. What about you?

Cut the Crap is the forgotten 1985 album from The Clash.

You won't be able to find this in Apple Music or Spotify unless you live in the US and it is the post Topper Head/Mick Jones album that left many fans with a bad taste in their mouth. Having members stripped away for 3 new ones and their manager demanding another album and meddling in production it's clear to see what was going wrong in the band.

SIDE NOTE: Even after they found a new drummer to tour with the band they ended up using a drum machine on the album... So there's that.

Cut the Crap is full of unfinished ideas by the late Joe Strummer and edited heavily by their manager Bernie Rhodes. I honestly came into this album expecting it to be worse than it is. even though let's be honest it's only half of The Clash. It's got some solid ideas and I don't blame the three new members that were brought in for this for poor instrumental work.

It does have Strummers rockabilly punk signature, but what I do hear though is piss poor, tone-deaf production. This isn't a good album but it definitely isn't a bad one either.

Behind the scenes/ Move on


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