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Tyler The Creator - The Grinch EP

Tyler The Creator released a holiday EP based off the new grinch movie. After his rendition of Youre a Mean One featured in the the trailer for the film.⁣

The EP has a very Christmas feel, that's obvious from the first tracks instrumental with the piano acting as an intro to the whole EP. And when we get to the second track Lights On, it has tropes Of Christmas songs through lyricism and the singing just gives off that vibe.⁣

Track three Hot Chocolate does the same with all these swelling pads and sharp keys, with some soft singing. Big Bag is a faster song of this EP and features Tyler predominately, it's more like one of his traditional songs which is always good to hear, kind of builds on the Flower Boy sound of his last album.⁣

When Gloves Come Off is soft and has these very Christmas motifs, very traditional instrumentals have been used in the making of this EP and Cindy Lous Wish just acts as an instrumental outro.⁣

All in all this EP is pretty chill and you should give it a spin to get yourself in the Christmas mood.⁣

Behind The Scenes/ Move On⁣


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