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Anderson Paak - Ventura Come Home Review

During April 2019 Anderson Paak brought us; Ventura. Damn this album is full of bubbly and groovy tunes. The highlight of the album for me is the very first song. ⁣

Don't get me wrong, the rest of the album is solid but what an opener. Paak kicks it off with “Come Home” which features a very nice bass throughout the song with angelic singing which accompanies Anderson paak's smooth and funky lyrics. ⁣

Not to mention the tune features the legendary Andre 3000. With lyrics like... ⁣

“I'm no nun, you're no priest⁣

But I promise, hun, you gon' see a phenomenon⁣

From with me like it's Ramadan⁣

I don't eat like it's Comic Con”⁣

He really blesses our ears and makes the already groovy song even better.⁣

If you haven't checked out this tune already then what the fuck are you still waiting for. This tune is huge! Keep posted for an Ventura album review


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