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Angel Du$T - Take Away The Pain / Big Ass Love - Review

@Angeldustmoney recently signing to Roadrunner records right off of their 2016 Pop Wig release Rock The Fuck On Forever. For how busy this band and its members are it's surprising that they even found the time for this.

With these two new tracks Big Ass Love and Take Away The Pain I'd say it's probably the softest thing they've done tonally, which isn't a bad thing, bands should be encouraged to experiment and what they did works out really well here.

First track Big Ass Love is a fast paced, bouncing sound with shaky shouty vocals behind a predominant drum beat for the first verse, with a very tight but warm sounding guitar. Plus the chorus is catchy which can be expected from Angel Du$t. All together this is sick, the solo is sick and I love the vibe this song gives.

The second song Take Away The Pain is much slower, they pull out the saxophone which was used in their last EP in the song Stranger Things. Again though Angel Du$t are experimenting on this EP and it's pulling off with this clean, lo fi punk sound. Which gives off a very drifter vibe.

Check out this EP, Angel Du$t are one of the best contemporary punk bands

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