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ASAP FERG Roemello Meaning and Review

FERG's "Roemello": A High-Octane Ride Fueled by Hunger and Style

FERG's latest release, "Roemello," is a testament to his renewed artistic drive and undeniable talent. The track is an electrifying banger, propelled by a springy, infectious synth line that intertwines seamlessly with crisp snares, hi-hats, and kicks. FERG's flow is sharp and dynamic, showcasing his versatility and confidence as a solo artist. It's clear that he's not holding back, delivering bars with an intensity and hunger that hasn't been seen in a while.

Roemello’s Lyrics: Success 

Lyrically, "Roemello" is a braggadocious anthem, with FERG flexing his success and dismissing those who doubt him. Lines like "I'm sippin' espresso (What?!) / Grindin' stayin' up, I ain't tryna go back to the ghetto (What?!)" ooze with confidence and ambition. The references to Wesley Snipes and luxury cars further emphasize his newfound status and extravagant lifestyle.

Listen to FERG Roemello 

The music video for "Roemello" is a visual feast, featuring FERG cruising in a collection of iconic art cars. This artistic backdrop perfectly complements the song's energy and reinforces FERG's message of individuality and creative expression.

While the absence of A$AP Rocky's verse from the final version may disappoint some fans, FERG proves he can stand on his own two feet. "Roemello" is a statement of intent, a declaration that FERG is back in the driver's seat and ready to take the rap game by storm.

A$AP FERG Roemello Review:

"Roemello" is a thrilling ride that showcases FERG at his best. It's a high-energy track with infectious production, clever wordplay, and an undeniable swagger. The music video adds another layer of visual appeal, making "Roemello" a complete artistic package. This is a must-listen for any hip-hop fan looking for a dose of adrenaline and inspiration. FERG is back, and he's not playing around.

ASAP FERG Roemello Lyrics Meaning Explained

The meaning of "FERG Roemello" by A$AP Ferg encapsulates a vivid portrayal of his journey from hardship to success, using intense imagery and cultural references. The song's title and recurring mentions of "Roemello" pay homage to Wesley Snipes' character Roemello Skuggs in the film "Sugar Hill," a figure who embodies both the struggles and the complexities of rising from a troubled background. Through this lens, Ferg narrates his own story of perseverance and the duality of his experiences.

Verse 1: From Ghetto to Grandeur

In the opening verse, Ferg describes his relentless work ethic and refusal to return to his former life in the ghetto, symbolized by his consumption of espresso to stay alert and productive. This relentless pursuit of success is punctuated by references to luxury and power, such as owning diamonds and purchasing land in the Dominican Republic. These symbols of wealth are contrasted with the gritty reality of his origins, emphasizing the stark difference between his past and present.

Boastful Yet Honest

Ferg's lyrical style blends braggadocio with raw honesty. For example, he boasts about his prowess and influence in the line "Take a drug dealer, turn him into J Dilla," suggesting his ability to transform and uplift those around him. Simultaneously, he acknowledges the darker aspects of his journey, such as the "trust issues" and the constant vigilance required to maintain his status. This duality is a recurring theme, reflecting the complexity of navigating success while staying true to his roots.

The Reflective Chorus

The chorus, with its repetitive "Wow, wow" refrain, serves as a moment of reflection and elevation, encapsulating the awe and disbelief at his own achievements. This repetition underscores the intensity and significance of his accomplishments, as well as the overwhelming nature of his journey.

Verse 2: Personal History and Identity

In the second verse, Ferg delves deeper into his personal history, recalling times of struggle and the influence of family members involved in illegal activities. His reference to putting "rubies in her fangs" and identifying as a "vampire" evokes a sense of transformation and predatory success. The imagery of Timberlands on the table instead of a suit signifies his rejection of conventional success symbols, embracing a raw, streetwise persona.

Cultural References and Personal Experiences

Ferg's narrative is laced with references to pop culture and personal experiences, creating a tapestry of influences that have shaped his identity. From mentioning Michael Jackson's moonwalk to his trust issues, he paints a picture of a man who is constantly evolving and adapting to his environment.

 "FERG Roemello" is a powerful testament to A$AP Ferg's journey from the streets to stardom. It reflects the trials, triumphs, and transformations he has undergone, all while maintaining a connection to his origins. The song is a celebration of resilience, ambition, and the ability to rise above adversity, encapsulated in Ferg's unique and compelling lyrical style.

ASAP FERG Roemello Lyrics


Turn me up (Poo)

Alright, let's get it (Yeah, poo, poo, poo, poo)

Yeah, ayy , yeah, I'm good? (Fuck, uh)

I'm good to go? (Prrah)

Let's get it, yeah

[Verse 1]

I'm sippin' espresso (What?!)

Grindin' stayin' up, I ain't tryna go back to the ghetto (What?!)

Wesley Snipe-in' bitches, pulling up like I'm Roemello (Uh)

Never [?] who wanna fuck me in stilettos (Uh)

I call the wrist project piss 'cause the diamonds yellow (What?!)

Teach you how to get the house with the big pillars (What?!)

Dominican Republic buyin' land, rentin' villas (What?!)

My bitch like Little Kim so her bikini is chinchilla (Yuh)

I'm doing God's work giving jobs to the killers (Poo, poo, poo, poo, poo, bang)

Take a drug dеaler, turn him into J Dilla

Your niggas say you mobbin' (Brrah) but you ain't a made nigga, yeah (Woo!)

Hunnids on that, throwing it back

Gеt off the pole, we go in the back

Don't call me the GOAT 'cause I know I am that

I am Harlem Project Pat

She want me to sing like Anderson .Paak

Pulled up to my show but I don't wanna dap

If this was a battle your toe get tagged, yeah

All of this drip, I'm Squirtle (What?)

Hop in the booth and I merk you

Smoke that nigga like herbal (Pew, pew)

Did I do that? Like Urkel (Brrah)

[?] like a vegetable

Diamonds jump like a festival (What?!)

I get to the money, I destitute

[?] with a model bitch textin' nudes

They lovin' how I flex and move

Her tongue ring on my testicles


Turn me up (Wow, wow)

Yeah (Wow, wow, wow, wow)

Yeah, turn me up (Wow, wow, wow, wow)

Yeah (Wow, wow, wow, wow)

[Verse 2]

I got hoes on my hoe, I got hoes on my dick (Woo!)

Had a pocket full of lint, and my uncle sold bricks (Oo-ooh!)

And that bitch gon' suck dick, she gon' go until she tired (Yeah!)

I put rubies in her fangs (Bitch!), I'm a vampire (Bitch!)

Put my Timberlands on the table, I ain't wear no suit

I done bought a juice bar just to sip up on [?]

Don't make me 'round up all the troops

On the block with nun' to do

I got trust issues, I'm fuckin' whitchu and then I chuck a deuce

All prayers out to MJ, moonwalkin' through the place

Fuckin' bitches all night and gettin' money everyday (Poo, poo, poo, poo, poo, bang)

Do it all for the money, do it all for the hoes (Hoes)

Give a milli to my niggas that ten toes (Toes)

Watch them niggas turn Satan when they see me

The Bugatti or the 'Rari, it ain't easy

I can't say too much about it, man, I'm just pushin' P

Nigga better be about it if he talkin' 'bout me (Muthafucka)


(Wow, wow)

Yeah (Wow, wow, wow, wow)

Yeah (Wow, wow, wow, wow)

Yeah (Wow, wow, wow, wow)

Yeah (Wow, wow)

That nigga down

Man down

Man down

Man, I'm done talkin' 'bout—



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