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Asap Rocky - Flacko Loco Cyberpunk Poster

Updated: Jan 13

Asap Rock Flacko Loco Review:

Say what you will about Cyberpunk 2077 but the music is sick at least. Made this for the @Asaprocky song in the game. Let me know what you think!⁣

From an upcoming cyber based collab with @archfiendco


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A$AP Rocky is no stranger to pushing boundaries, and his surprise track in the game Cyberpunk 2077, "Flacko Loko," is no exception. Dropping under the in-game alias TELO$, Rocky weaves a dark, introspective track that perfectly captures the cyberpunk vibe.

Dive into the Neon Underworld:

From the first pulsating synth lines, "Flacko Loko" immerses you in Night City's neon-drenched underbelly. Glitchy beats and distorted vocals paint a picture of urban grit and chrome dreams gone wrong. Rocky's flow is sharp and unforgiving, spitting verses about cyborg enhancements, corporate greed, and the struggle for survival in a world teetering on the edge.

More Than Just an Easter Egg:

This isn't just a throwaway track for die-hard A$AP fans. "Flacko Loko" feels meticulously crafted for the Cyberpunk universe. The lyrics seamlessly intertwine with the game's themes, and the overall sound design blends perfectly with the game's atmosphere. You can practically feel the chrome blades glint and the neon signs flicker as you cruise through Night City with this track blasting through your speakers.

Not for the Faint of Heart:

This isn't your typical party anthem. "Flacko Loko" is a raw, intense experience that challenges listeners with its dark themes and gritty soundscape. But for those seeking a soundtrack that truly reflects the dystopian reality of Cyberpunk 2077, it's a masterpiece.

"Flacko Loko" is a triumph for A$AP Rocky and a must-listen for any Cyberpunk 2077 fan. It's a dark, atmospheric track that perfectly captures the game's unique blend of sci-fi and social commentary. Whether you're cruising the neon streets or hacking your way through a corporate conspiracy, "Flacko Loko" is the soundtrack you need.


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