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Basement - Beside Myself - Album Review

Anyone else been hyped for this?

@Basementuk has returned with their latest album and first major label release on @fueledby. When I first heard that they were signing to Fueled By Ramen I was

sceptical, but in form, they smashed those doubts and bring a sound that is familiar, shattering but also fresh. Dealing with themes of being in your own

The album starts off with two singles they released for this, being, Disconnect and Be Here Now, both of these songs are solid, well-written choruses and thoughtful lyrics and Basement have been able to push themselves musically with each record they've released so it's no surprise that the dynamics on this album are so mad.

Track 3 had me eager to listen to it from it not being a single, Nothing Left, sets itself apart from the last two song's bringing in these jutted guitar riffs and showcasing the vocal talent from Andrew Fisher. Also, the instrumental work on this album as a whole is amazing, Alex & Ronan nail their guitar tones and Duncan & James do an amazing job on the rhythm section.

Ultraviolet is a cathartic song written about someone leaving and it leaves a very anthematic impression, slower than the 3 tracks before it really giving the album a good sense of pace. Keepsake is another slow song, that seems so soulful in its conception.

Changing Lanes is an acoustic song that is able to capture the essence of some of basements previous work such as the song "Pine", Then we have Stigmata which was another single and then New Coast, " I wanna know what it feels like to be settled in the sun" calling out for a peaceful life.

My favourite track on this is Slip Away as it nails this really nice bass tone to build it up. Reason for breathing stands out as it has this almost Royal Blood tone to it and we've never seen them sound like this.

Right here is the perfect coda to the album a soft bittersweet song with clean instrumental work that gets brighter in tone near the end as if it's being lifted.

I don't have a bad word to say about this album. Every song is solid.


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