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Bob Vylan - Presents The Price Of Life Review

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Grime & Punk Mixed Together

Bob Vylan's second album Presents The Price Of Life, where they double down on their social commentary. They take aim at the state of Great Britain and talk about leaders that hoard wealth while other citizens do what they can to get by. This album couldn't be more relevant with the cost of living crisis that is squeezing us all right now. Bob Vylan's messages come at the perfect time when people around them need to listen to the message that they have to share.

Tracks from Bob Vylan aren't just known for being thought-provoking, but also for their ability to get people to groove in mosh pits with high-energy hardcore motifs that are paired with grime lyricism.

Should You Listen To Bob Vylan Presents The Price Of Life?

In 'Take That', Bob Vylan presents provocations that can best be described as 'exciting'. They talk about hauling statues of Churchill into the sea, as well as wiping their backsides using flags related to St. George. They also say that the government is responsible for killing off children, using £2 chips and chicken, to make that happen.

In the single 'Health Is Wealth', the topic of kids' health is brought up again. Compared to many of the songs in this album, 'Health Is Wealth' is seen as more joyful and positive. It's a nice break for listeners, from many of the heavy themes in this album. The album is a great showcase of Bob Vylan and their talent to create a modern classic of a punk record.

The Price Of Life is a great reflection of Great Britain and it's politically charged message isn't to be ignored. This is a definite listen for any fan of punk, nu metal and even grime fans. You definitely need to jump on this.

Bob Vylan And The Price Of Life

In 'The Price Of Life' the band showcases their earlier influences, and how that has affected their music. This makes this record feel more confident than many of their earlier releases.

Before releasing Bob Vylan Presents The Price Of Life, we saw them release in 2020 an absolute banger of We Live Here which showcased the bands views on systemic racism and British politics. In this album they repeat the message as things haven't changed and the Britain isn't looking too great anymore.

They use their music to talk about inequality based on wealth, issues about class, as well as race. Through 'Health Is Wealth', they argue that taking care of mental health is just as important as taking care of physical health. In 'Pretty Songs', they talk about how black lives matter

Conclusion On This Album

Released on April 22nd under Ghost Theater, Bob Vylan has created a record that's their most eclectic yet. Their music sounds alt-rock, and their lyrics are about inequality. The band never softens their edges, in an attempt to make their music accessible to a larger audience. At some points, their music is extreme, much like the world we currently live in. Definitely give this album your time. Check it out.

The band has also recently released a deluxe version of the album which adds remixed versions of GDP, Wicked & Bad, Pretty Songs & Health is Wealth.


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