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Militarie Gun - Life Under The Gun Review

Introducing Life Under The Gun by Militarie Gun

Militarie Gun, the renowned hardcore punk band, is gearing up to release their highly anticipated album, "Life Under The Gun." With a series of singles already making waves, the band has surprised fans with a departure from their usual sound, embracing a more melodic and uplifting tone. This evolution showcases their artistic versatility and growth, promising an exciting and dynamic experience for listeners. Let's delve into the album's essence and what fans can expect from Militarie Gun's latest offering.

Life Under The Gun" Album Review/Preview

Militarie Gun's latest album, "Life Under The Gun," is an audacious departure from the band's previous work, showcasing a newfound sense of melody and an overall brighter tone. While their earlier releases thrived on raw aggression and intense energy, this album takes a more introspective approach, exploring themes of resilience, personal growth, and finding solace within the chaos of life.

Will Logic

The three singles released thus far, "Will Logic," "Do It Faster," and "Very High," serve as a tantalizing glimpse into the larger sonic landscape of the album. "Will Logic" captures the band's transition flawlessly, with its infectious hooks and catchy guitar riffs, merging punk sensibilities with a melodic fervor. It's a cathartic anthem that simultaneously challenges listeners to confront their doubts while inspiring them to push through adversity.

Do It Faster

Following suit, "Do It Faster" continues to showcase Militarie Gun's evolution. The track's driving rhythm, buoyant melodies, and impassioned vocals create a sonic tapestry that demands attention. It's a passionate rallying cry for perseverance and self-belief, encapsulating the band's newfound optimism in the face of an often-hostile world.

Very High

"Very High" rounds out the trio of singles, delivering an anthemic explosion of sound that defies expectations. Blending captivating guitar work with anthemic choruses, the track veers towards a pop-punk influence, demonstrating the band's willingness to experiment with their signature sound. The lyrics provide a sense of escapism and liberation, inviting listeners to embrace life's highs and break free from the shackles of conformity.

As the album unfolds, fans can expect an immersive experience that delves deeper into Militarie Gun's sonic exploration. "Life Under The Gun" offers a rich tapestry of punk-infused melodies, thought-provoking lyrics, and unapologetic vulnerability.

Listen to Life Under The Gun

Militarie Gun's growth as musicians shines through on this album, demonstrating their ability to evolve while remaining true to their punk roots. The band's willingness to embrace melody and incorporate diverse influences is refreshing and indicative of their artistic fearlessness. While some long-time fans may be surprised by the departure from their previous hardcore sound, the album offers a new perspective that expands their musical horizons, appealing to a broader audience.

In conclusion, "Life Under The Gun" is a testament to Militarie Gun's artistic progression and serves as an embodiment of their resilience and determination. The album transcends genre boundaries, providing a captivating listening experience that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression. With its infectious melodies, introspective lyrics, and a newfound sense of optimism, this album is poised to establish Militarie Gun as a force to be reckoned with in the punk rock scene and beyond.

Life Under The Gun Tracklist

1. Do It Faster

2. Very High

3. Will Logic

4. My Friends Are Having A Hard Time

5. Think Less

6. Return Policy

7. Seizure of Assets

8. Never Fucked Up Once

9. Big Disappointment

10. Sway Too

11. See You Around

12. Life Under The Gun


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