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Buckingham Nicks - Lola My Love

Before Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham joined Fleetwood Mac, they had their own band, Buckingham Nicks. Because of this merger we got great songs such as Rhiannon and Never Going Back Again. Here's a track that Buckingham Nicks didn't take with them to Fleetwood Mac. This is Lola.⁣⁣


Buckingham Nicks - Lola⁣⁣

Buckingham Nicks' debut album self-titled album was released in 1973 and was produced by the Keith Olsen. Within this album sits Lola.⁣⁣


Lola was written in about 10 minutes one night while they were on tour. In an interview, Lindsey Buckingham said that he was in a hotel room "with one of the guys that worked with us and he was playing piano and I was playing guitar". He explained further: "It's one of those things that just come out and there it was and it was written in 10 minutes. Then we went into the studio and recorded it"⁣⁣


The track is an interesting one. It's a semi acoustic number that features fingerpicked guitar and banjo, a little bit fuzzed out with those blues driver guitar tones sounding like they’re being blasted out of a broken amp but with Lindsay and Stevie passionately going off on the vocals. The energy of this track isn’t one to be missed.⁣⁣



Where Buckingham Nicks is interesting for the nature of the band's formation, Fleetwood Mac is fascinating because of how it evolved. Even though they had run in the same circles, Buckingham Nicks offered a different spin on the music that Fleetwood Mac came from. On one hand, you have Lindsey Buckingham, and on the other you have Stevie Nicks.⁣⁣

These two polarising characters propelled Fleetwood Mac even further but pay attention to what they did before it.⁣⁣


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