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Cold Sugar - Snny

I’ve been vibing to Cold Sugar by @snnyordie for a hot minute.⁣

This track is a reflective project from the rapper, this time honing into some slower rhythms and a little bit of cold synths for good measure, this coldness carries throughout the track with Snnys airy vocals on this combined together to make a sweet little soulful track.⁣

This combination works so well for Snny, seeing him grow his style from The Deans List and The Kings Dead, culminating at the end for a big cathartic release with shimmering guitar chords and strike throughs to emphasise a dreamy state of thinking. The chorus on this is also catchy as hell “ Might die with the realest, Might end it with the right one”⁣

This track is an absolute chiller, if you’re looking for a dreamy interpersonal r&b / rap track then you need to check this one out!⁣


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