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Concept | The Patriots | LaLiLuLeLo 🐍

🔥Something a little different from me🔥. I pretty much made a vinyl cover inspired by Metal Gear Solid from the great @hideo_kojima. A concept band / album titled The Patriots | LaLiLuLeLo 🐍⁣

I used an AI program called artbreeder to make the two human characters that you see and a lot of the textures/heavy distressing come from @blkmarket as always!⁣

Big thanks to the homie @kancerthecrab for making a free gun parts pack that is absolutely insane and helped me bring the feel of a loadout screen to this! ❤️ Definitely check that out!⁣

Let me know what you think of this design and what songs you'd expect to see in this if it was a playlist? 🔥⁣


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