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Dapper Dan Midas - Swivel - The Ballad Of Omar Review

@Dapperdanmidas is a rapper from Baltimore that I found by checking out a poster where he did a free show for @CarpetCompany alongside the likes of Turnstile, End It & Truth Cult.⁣

I was blown away when I checked out the record Beautiful Gowns which showcased DDms versatility from tracks like Chopped, He Say She Say and Hold Me Down.⁣

Swivel showcases the grittier side of DDm, from his latest album The Ballad Of Omar and hoooooooooly hell, props to his producer on this, I can’t pick out the sound but whatever it is it’s like a shuffling siren, and before DDm even get’s on the mic you’re already intimidated from the fake outs that get thrown into this tracks intro by these chopped up beats.⁣

DDm always has something to say and he couldn’t be anymore concise, aggressive and driven. ⁣

This is only one track to a really underappreciated record. Check it The Ballad Of Omar now.⁣


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