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Darlia - Candyman - Single Review

No band caught my eye like @darliacam did in Leeds fest 2014, I had never even heard of these guys until I saw them live. Their set was full of energy, their sound was sharp and clear and so many people around me were enthralled to see them. When Nathan Day the bands lead smashed his guitar through the speaker and ended the set, well that was it, I was hooked on this band.

Now in 2018 whilst anticipating a new EP or album from the Blackpool rockers I want to appreciate some of their older catalogue. Candyman is the title track of an EP they released in 2014.

Candyman kicks off with this glitchy sounding guitar rhythm before the drums kick in and everything becomes more clear. The track slows down as the verse comes in and out which works really well against Days vocals giving it a sinister tone. The chorus of this song is drenched in grunge influence and the song has a visual based on the old movie Candyman to accompany it.

Honestly check this track out and show love to the artist. Even their newest single Beam Me Up makes me excited for anything that they do next.

Behind the scenes/ Move on


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