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Denzel Curry - Ricky Review

@stelladonnelly is a Welsh-Australian singer/songwriter from Perth. Her debut record Beware Of The Dogs and this is one of my favourite songs from that.

Old Man's lyrics seem to convey a story that we've heard many times but which is still important to hear and to listen to. It talks about a creepy old man ”boy if you touch her again I'll tell your wife and your kids about that time” Stella uses the to showcase your typical scumbag. She cements this in the lyrics later on ”are you scared of me old man or are you scared of what I'll do” which reflects the culture of the me too movement, due to the sexual assault she now has the power to ruin this man's life for what he did to her.

Donellys tone in this song is pretty can and pretty nonchalant which contrasts heavily with the subject matter and lyrics. The song plays out quite beachy, it's pretty laid back and chilled out. It's a nice song to listen to and I imagine a lot of people will feel empowered from hearing this 🔥


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