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DIIV Soul-net Meaning And Review

Updated: Mar 19

Soul-net by DIIV: A Sonic Journey

"Soul-net" begins with a deceptively simple guitar line, creating a hazy, dreamlike atmosphere. As the song progresses, layers of guitars, driving drums, and subtle synths steadily increase the intensity and create a sense of ever-expanding sonic space.

The track reaches its cathartic peak as Cole Smith's vocals soar over a powerful wall of guitars, filled with a mix of yearning and defiance. DIIV's signature shoegaze and dream-pop elements are present, yet "Soul-net" possesses an emotional urgency that sets it slightly apart from some of their earlier work.

Soul Net Lyrics: Searching for Meaning

Lyrically, "Soul-net" grapples with themes of introspection, personal struggle, and a yearning for spiritual freedom. Phrases like "turn from the light cycle is karmic / I want to be nothing" convey a restless search for meaning and an urge to break free from unseen forces. Typical of DIIV, the lyrics maintain a poetic ambiguity, leaving room for personal interpretation.

Overall, "Soul-net" is a captivating track that highlights DIIV's ability to create expansive and emotionally resonant soundscapes. The song feels like an evolution of their signature sound – more raw and urgent, while still retaining their trademark melodic sensibility.

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DIIV Soul-net Meaning

The meaning of "Soul-net" by DIIV is deliberately elusive, leaving room for personal interpretation. The central theme is one of a spiritual and existential struggle – questioning faith, grappling with past pain, and searching for a way to transcend suffering and find liberation in a world that seems confining.

The lyrics hint at a potential turning point from despair to a newfound resilience. The speaker acknowledges struggles and a sense of being lost while simultaneously proclaiming a newfound inner strength and determination to see beyond limitations. However, there's ambiguity in whether this newfound strength is rooted in genuine spiritual liberation or a descent into a distorted perspective.

The song also touches on possible themes of control and unseen forces, suggesting a belief in a manipulative system and a desire to escape its influence.  Ultimately, "Soul-net" reflects a yearning for transcendence and liberation, although the path to achieve it remains unclear and open to the listener's own interpretation.

DIIV Soul-net Lyrics

[Verse 1]

I struggle with my faith

I've raved and been insane

My life got away from me

You ask me...

Where I’ve been


And I say: "I'm not afraid

I lived through pain

I'm learning to see through everything"

[Verse 2]

We were lost

Now we have something

They own our lives

Harvesting your suffering

Turn from the light

Cycle is karmic

I want to be nothing


Just say: "I’m not afraid

I love my pain

I know I can leave this prison"

DIIV Soul-net Lyrics Meaning

Verse 1

Confession and Vulnerability: The opening lines set the stage with unfiltered honesty. The speaker admits to struggling with faith, past reckless behavior ("raved and been insane"), and a sense of losing control ("My life got away from me").

Seeking Understanding: The line "You ask me... Where I've been" implies a conversation, a plea to be understood after a transformative experience.


Defiance and Transformation: There's a defiant shift in tone with "I'm not afraid." The speaker acknowledges past pain but proclaims a newfound resilience ("I'm learning to see through everything").

Hints of Enlightenment: The idea of breaking through illusions or seeing a larger reality behind suffering is hinted at.

Verse 2

Collective Experience to Conspiracy? The line "We were lost / Now we have something" hints at a shared awakening. But the next lines ("They own our lives/ Harvesting your suffering") introduce a possible conspiracy element—a power structure controlling individuals.

Spiritual Themes: References to "turning from the light" and the "karmic cycle" bring in spiritual motifs, suggesting the need to break free from a cycle of suffering.

Yearning for Liberation: The desire to "be nothing" might imply transcending the ego or breaking free from harmful patterns and attachments.

Chorus (Repeated)

Mantra for Strength: The repeated chorus becomes a personal mantra of sorts—affirming fearlessness, finding meaning in pain, and the belief in a potential escape from a perceived "prison."

Overall Theme of Soul-net

Spiritual Seeking: The song grapples with existential questions, a search for meaning after turmoil. There's a possible mix of spiritual insight and paranoia.

Inner Strength: Amid the questioning, there's a strong undercurrent of resilience and a determination to find personal liberation.


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