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Drug Church - Strong References Review

The #hardcorepunk band @Drugchurch has released a new track from their upcoming album "Cheer".

Strong Preferences is a track that shows how far Drug Church have pushed their sound from their last project "Hit Your Head" which came out in 2015, so there's been plenty of time for them to innovate on this, their last two singles "Weed Pin" & "Avoidrama" kind of teased this new rotary chorus-vibe sound & this track shows the extremes of that.

"I was young and I needed the money" Singer Patrick Kindlon pelts out during the bridge of this track and in an interview tells @ginandconnick of @NME , of how the song came about, “Sometimes I sing about other people or things I’ve witnessed from afar, but this one is about me. I did some nude modelling when I was younger, but that wasn’t exactly my intention. I would end up in these situations where I’d be asked to get more naked than I anticipated.

For some reason, I was thinking about that around the time this song was written. I was reflecting on the fact that somewhere out there someone has a bunch of negatives of my 20-year-old dong.”

I guess that would explain the lyrics "You look good in that, I mean it, maybe lose the shirt though". The full album "Cheer" is due on the 2nd of November. The song also references male model Tony Ward @slypapa .

Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think, It's already obvious that this album gonna be Drug Churches most dynamic and versatile record to date.


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