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Fidlar - Too Real Review

Honestly I didn't even know a new @fidlar album was coming out but I had to talk about it when I found out.

Especially this song man.-On "Too Real" Fidlar challenges everything. With lyrics such as "There's a bunch of white people calling white people white" " Yeah I don't think you can say that, that ain't right But of course the government's gonna fuckin lie" and even "you've gone so far to the left you've ended up on the right" and also "You're so far to the right you don't care if you're right"-The song challenges the fakeness of everyone and with what is being said is "Too real" to take. Fidlar do this with high energy, right instrumental playing, the guitars play these short motifs that get so sick and the vocals on this... they're interesting as they always have a certain sass to them and they're not really your typical punk rock or even rock vocals.-I wrote this before the album came out, but it's out now and it's titled Almost Free. Go check out this record it fucking kills.


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