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Future & Juice Wrld - Wlrd On Drugs - Review

Going into this collaborative record of Future and Juicewrlds I didn't have high expectations, as I'm not really a fan of Juice, but these two come together to create a pretty sick record, the production on this is solid. The album has it's great moments and then it also has it's low points.

One of these low points is track 6 Oxy featuring Lil Wayne and even Waynes feature is sick but, Future brings back that god awful high pitched rap voice he used on Kendricks Kings Dead which just makes the track a cringe-inducing 3 minutes.

Honestly, if you like any of these two artists I can't recommend this album enough, it brings the best of these polarising characters. If you've only got time to check out a few tracks right now I'd say check out the songs; Realer N Realer, WRLD On Drugs & Jet Lag.

Have you checked out this project? What did you think?

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