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HO9909 - Cyber Warfare Review

🔥 Coming hot off the release of their Cyber Cop EP @Ho99o9 releases their latest project in the same vein with Cyber Warfare.

This latest punk release is just as heavy, just as fast and just as genius as the last EP. Kicking things off is the track Master Of Pain, which opens up with what I can only relate to being the voice of horror movie adverts back in the day, before going full crazy into powerful guitars being backed by a church organ with their intense signature rapping front and centre.

Plexiglass is a distorted fusion of speed and intensity, the intro repeating “when you pray for rain you get mud” will stick in your head, same goes with the song Shadowrun which is a glitchy, raw track full of attitude and holy fucking hell, I love the drums in this track / whole EP.

My standout track from this EP has to be Simon Phoenix which features @jpegmafia and he feels right at home on this track, I’m actually very surprised at how well he compliments Ho99o9s sound!

All in all this EP is an intense return to form for Ho99o9, the last track F.O.G has these insane hardcore breakdowns and Cyber Warfare in general is a glitchy, sampled mix of genres and themes that comes together nicely. I can’t recommend this EP enough, especially if you’re looking for something to hype you up!


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