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Ho99o9 A Machine Of Meaning and Review 

Updated: Mar 19

Ho99o9's "A Machine Of" – A Visceral Masterpiece for Thrill-Seekers

Ho99o9, the genre-defying duo known for their explosive blend of punk, hip-hop, and industrial electronics, have unleashed another sonic assault with "A Machine Of." This track isn't simply music; it's a visceral experience designed to challenge and exhilarate.

Raw Power and Uncompromising Intensity

"A Machine Of" grabs you by the throat from the first distorted guitar riff. It's a relentless barrage of pounding drums, screeching guitars, and theOGM and Yeti Bones' ferocious vocals. The lyrics embody a spirit of defiant power, painting a picture of an unstoppable force fueled by an insatiable hunger. If you find standard, polished music uninspiring, prepare to be awakened.

Expertise & Audacity: Ho99o9 as Genre-Benders

Ho99o9's mastery lies in their fearless fusion of styles. The production on "A Machine Of" exemplifies this expertise, combining the raw energy of live instrumentation with unsettling electronic textures. This calculated chaos mirrors their lyrical intensity, resulting in a sound that is as unique as it is powerful. Their willingness to disregard genre boundaries is refreshing and cements their reputation as true innovators.

 A Track That Demands Your Attention

"A Machine Of" is not meant to fade into the background. It's confrontational and immersive, leaving little room for passive listening. Ho99o9 command your full attention, rewarding those who surrender to its intensity with a thrilling and cathartic experience. This track is a declaration: Ho99o9 are a force to be reckoned with, and "A Machine Of" is their sonic manifesto.

Should You Give "A Machine Of" a Listen?

If you crave music that breaks the mold, that jolts you out of complacency, then "A Machine Of" is an absolute must-listen. Ho99o9's reputation for pushing boundaries and delivering unforgettable live performances lends credibility to their artistry.  Their sound is not for everyone, but for those seeking a musical adrenaline rush, "A Machine Of" delivers a potent dose.

Ho99o9 A Machine Of Lyrics Meaning

The song's central theme seems to be about being an unstoppable force of power and determination. The lyrics suggest themes of self-reliance, rejecting those who waste your time, and refusing to be hindered by outside forces. The image of "a machine" implies a relentless and unwavering drive, focused entirely on its own goals.

This message of defiance and self-ownership is underscored by the repetition of "I'm my sh". This could represent asserting one's identity and finding strength from within. Additionally, the motif of the phoenix hints at resilience and the ability to rise from challenges, further emphasizing the speaker's strength and determination.

It's important to note that Ho99o9 often embrace ambiguity in their lyrics. While the core themes are apparent, the precise meaning may be left open to interpretation. This adds a layer of intrigue to the song, inviting listeners to personalize the message and connect with the raw energy of the music.

Ho99o9 A Machine Of Lyrics


if you can't offer me you can't talk to

me don't waste my time I am a prophecy

you can't [ __ ] with me you know you

can't [ ] with me zero [ ] I leave

99 Fire sound like Phoenix we won learn

to love before we live this up there's

no one



away away

away all that ha in

away away away

away I roll that [ ] smoke that [ ]

you can't [ __ ] with me you know you

can't [ ] with me zero [ ] I

99° fire sell like Phoenix we will learn

to love before we leave this up just

that want bu I'm my sh I'm

sh I'm my sh off I'm

sh I'm sh I'm my sh

I'm I'm my I'm my Sher

I'm my sh I'm sh I'm my

sh no way no way no way no

way let you get in my way no way no way

no way I wake up I hit it hard no bricks

I'll figure it out when I'm dead a

machine stacking this way Money Power

Respect got it when he said no way no

way no way no way no way

that pressure point I'm tal


with I

gold you can't [ __ ] with me you know you

can't [ ] with me zero [ ] I leave

99° fire like Phoenix we won before









I'm I'm

my I'm my


my I'm my I'm my sh I'm my sh I'm my sh

I'm sh I'm sh I'm sh I'm sh




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