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IDK DENiM Meaning and Review featuring Joey Badass

Success, Status, and a Dismissal of the Wannabes

IDK's "DENiM" is a fiery ode to success, exclusivity, and a dismissive attitude towards those who haven't reached the same level.  IDK and Joey Bada$$ trade verses filled with braggadocio, referencing designer furniture ("Pierre Jeanneret's", "Pierre Paulin's") and lavish lifestyles to signify their status and wealth. This focus on materialism suggests a shift from the social commentary that is often present in their work and instead revels in pure self-celebration.

Playful Jabs and Bold Declarations

The chorus adds a playful jab at those striving to imitate their success. The "Devin Booker with the tears" line references a basketball player's emotional reaction to a loss, implying that those trying to ball on a lower budget will always come out as losers. Lines like " Cotton flower jeans...your name ain't on this chair / Motherf*cker, we don't care" cement the rappers'  dismissive stance.

Production, Chemistry, and Impact

This unapologetic flexing is backed by a hard-hitting beat, emphasizing the intensity of IDK and Joey Bada$$'s delivery. Their chemistry shines; they effortlessly bounce off each other's energy as they drive home the message of their elevated status.

"DENiM" is a bold declaration of the rappers' success and a celebration of the finer things in life. While less focused on deeper social themes, it delivers a potent dose of confidence, clever wordplay, and an infectious energy perfect for fans of celebratory hip-hop.

Listen to IDK DENiM Featuring Joey Badass


Verse 1: IDK

In the first verse, IDK establishes themes of comfort, independence, and awareness of social dynamics. He describes his contentment ("Sittin' on cloud nine, but it's really my couch") and discerning taste in furnishings. Despite being single, he asserts his ability to make an impact if needed, while also acknowledging the scrutiny he faces from neighbors and homeowner associations.

Chorus: IDK

The chorus emphasizes a sense of self-assurance and indifference towards seeking validation from others. The reference to Devin Booker symbolizes achieving success on one's own terms, without needing external approval or recognition.

Verse 2: IDK

IDK reflects on his experiences with ambition and success, noting the lack of respect he sometimes receives despite his efforts. He observes how some individuals channel their energy into negativity rather than focusing on their own goals, yet remains determined to prove his worth.

Verse 3: Joey Badass

Joey Badass builds on the themes of confidence and resilience, highlighting his rise to success despite facing doubters and adversaries. He contrasts his current status with past struggles, asserting his dominance and refusal to back down from challenges.

IDK DENiM Meaning featuring Joey Badass

"DENiM" celebrates self-confidence, authenticity, and resilience in the face of adversity, while also critiquing societal pressures and expectations. The song's lyrics convey a sense of empowerment and determination, encouraging listeners to embrace their individuality and pursue their goals without seeking validation from others.


[Verse 1: IDK]

Sittin' on cloud nine, but it's really my couch

Pierre Jeanneret's, the original ones

Not the one's they get for five hundred to dress up their house

I'm single, boy, single boy

No girl or no spouse

Crib be quiet as a mouse

Don't smoke, but I could make it loud

With the push of a text, I'm textin' your bitch

She exit your shit to push up and get hit

I need to tone it down

The neighbor's complainin'

The HOA sayin', I'm sayin I don't know what they sayin'

I'm never in town

Don't disrespect my intellect

My GLS be at the intersection when we intersect

She look like she innocent, I'ma change it in a sec'

Niggas ballin' for they bitches, 'til I come and intercept

[Chorus: IDK]

Now they ballin' for they bitches

Devin Booker with the tears

Cotton flower jeans, to show you the spring in the air

Yeah, we see you sittin' there, but your name ain't on this chair

Motherfucker, we don't care

[Verse 2: IDK]

I put my cheddar where my mouth is, just to keep my mouth fed

Thought the green would get respect, but all I got was Grouch's

Niggas gettin' grumpy 'cause they can't relate, it's funny

How they use their energy for winnin' on the hate

But when they see my clique, they turn to mouses

I show you how my clout hit, every time your doubt hit

And you realize the shit in which you really do

Amount hit the motherfuckin' fan 'cause-

[Chorus: IDK]

I can never be the one tryna ball for these bitches

Devin Booker with the tears

Cotton flower jeans, to show you the spring in the air

Yeah, we see you sittin' there, but your name ain't on this chair

Motherfucker, we don't care, yeah

[Verse 3: Joey Bada$$]

Sittin' on your whole year, but it's really my couch

Pierre Paulin's, this the original one

Cost fifty bands, all in, just to put in my house

The replica like fifteen, you can check the amount

If we ain't talkin' money, IDK, what we talkin' about?

Fly shit, the house came with wings, nigga

They ain't laughin' at your dreams, then you gotta dream bigger

I seen niggas talkin' down when I was down, now I'm up

Copped the 911, just to tell these niggas "Eat my dust"

Keep a heater tucked for niggas sneakin' up, he think he tough

If he try my hand, then I'ma call his bluff, no, I don't believe in luck

Try to slime me out, I wipe his nose like his shit was stuffed

The jig is up

I'm the big dog, you just a little pup

Nigga, what? I'm back outside, never been one to hide

Streets say "Unique minded die", but Joey still alive

I'm done playin' games with you niggas

Ain't lettin' nothin' slide, what's the vibe?

[Chorus: IDK]

I can never be the one tryna ball for these bitches

Devin Booker with the tears

Cotton flower jeans, to show you the spring in the air

Yeah, we him sittin' there, scratch his name up off the chair

Motherfucker, we don't care, yeah


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