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IDLES POP POP POP Meaning and Review

Updated: Mar 19

Song Review: "Pop Pop Pop" by Idles

Idles take a bold sonic turn with "Pop Pop Pop", a track from their 2024 album "TANGK".  This departure from their usual punk energy reveals a haunting, almost trip-hop inspired atmosphere.  The unique production team of Nigel Godrich (Radiohead), Kenny Beats (hip-hop), and Idles guitarist Mark Bowen builds a fascinating backdrop for the song.

Atmosphere of Tension and Dissonance

Eerie guitar lines throughout the song establish an undercurrent of unease and tension.  A relentlessly driving drum beat contrasts the melancholic instrumentation, adding a frenetic energy.  Despite the dissonance, the production remains minimalist, creating a haunting, introspective mood.

Evolution of Joe Talbot's Vocals

Joe Talbot's vocals move away from his usual intensity. Instead, he opts for a spoken-word delivery with a poetic feel. His cryptic lyrics hint at internal conflict: "Hold the clutch, hold the phone, watch me fly – hold the mirror to my mother's cries".

"Pop Pop Pop" showcases Idles' fearless experimentation and ability to evoke emotion beyond their typical sound. The diverse background of the production team makes this song a standout in their catalog.

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IDLES POP POP POP Lyrics Meaning

POP POP POP Key Themes

  • Freudenfreude: The German word "Freudenfreude" loosely translates to experiencing joy in the happiness and success of others. The song heavily emphasizes this concept, suggesting its central themes.

  • Vulnerability and Strength: The lyrics balance raw vulnerability ("Mother's crying eyes," "soft to the touch") with powerful determination ("strong like bull," "hold the sword"). This likely symbolizes the fight to find joy and connection even amidst internal struggles.

  • Love and Support: Images of a "cheerleader," "sister's love," and the act of holding someone up showcase the importance of loving support systems, especially in overcoming adversity.

  • Religious Symbolism: References to "holy water," "prophets," and especially the repeated "sunbeams like God from your face" hint at finding something akin to spiritual connection in the love and support of others.

Idles POP POP POP Meanings

The "Pop Pop Pop" lyrics are intentionally open to interpretation, but here are several possible ways to analyze the song:

  1. Overcoming Personal Demons:  The imagery of "imposter," "thief," and "spider in your bed" could represent internal struggles with self-doubt and self-sabotage. The focus on love and finding joy in others might signify the strength found in connection when battling those demons.

  1. Resilience and Defiance: In a broader social context, images like "heat seeker of a missile smile" and "don't let pricks take your inch to a mile" speak to defiance against those who seek to diminish or control.  The overarching theme of joy, then, is an act of radical resilience.

  1. Pure, Untainted Love:  The imagery of "sunbeams" and "pure salt" could represent a child-like, uncorrupted form of love experienced in genuine connection.  This could be romantic, platonic, or familial. The repeated "Freudenfreude"  suggests finding joy in simply witnessing the happiness of a loved one.


[Verse 1]


Joy on joy (joy on joy)


Happy boy (happy boy)

Strong like bull

Vu-vu-vulnerable (vulnerable)

Keep my people up

That's my tool


Happy boy

Top seeder

Lucky koi

Heat seeker of a missile smile

Don't let pricks take your inch to a mile


Bada bing (bada bing)

She's a freight train, man

Watch her swing

Holy water eyes

Soft skin

Bricks and mortar

Horizon begins



Oh, sunbeams

Like God from your face


Oh, sunbeams

Like God from your face

[Verse 2]

Gold sugar

Hues bright when the salt is purer

Hold tight (hold tight)

Hold me to the bunsen burner

And let the waves

Crash in



Oh, sunbeams

Like God from your face


Oh, sunbeams

Like God from your face

[Verse 3]



Dance with time, my boy

I'm a fiend

Watch the night swing by

Hold the scene

Hold a flame, my boy

I'm a dream


Hot like fire

Docile prophet

Puts a tune to my smile

Send it up

Like smoke to the sky

Drink my water 'til the river runs dry


Sister's love

Hold the sword

So I'm soft to the touch

Hold the phone

Hold the clutch

Watch me fly

Hold a mirror

To my Mother's crying eyes



Oh, sunbeams

Like God from your face


Oh, sunbeams

Like God from your face


Cathedral of trees over dilated eyes

A sea of screams under mackerel skies

Imposter, imposter, living in my head

Am I the spider in your bed?

A dead canary and a thief for a king

A cheerleader valiant

But I will sing about love, love

Love is the fing


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