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Jaws - The Ceiling Review

I would like to take this time to talk about a favourite band of mine @jawsjawsjaws . These lads really create special sound and with the recent release of the ceiling, I thought it was a perfect time.

I’ve loved JAWS since the Milkshake days and I still listen to Be Slowly on a daily basis. JAWS have really added some shark-bite to their sound.

They've been described as dream-pop But following now we can add aggy indie rock to their track record.

Opener Driving

at Night is a perfect reflection of what is to come. Its agitated guitar melody is delightful, and the ferocious-yet-technical drumming from Eddy Geach as the track progresses builds the excitement. you really can't look past their latest single Do You Remember? That grit-filled guitar intro has early 90s Manics ringing through it, and the pace kept up throughout the choruses barely lets up. This will be a stomper live.

I feel like JAWS have discovered how shit life really can be. They've kept that uplifting veneer that made the first two albums so popular. But they've added this undercurrent of injustice and anger that gives each track an added sting in the tail. It would have been simple for JAWS to just recreate the magic of Simplicity. I’m delighted they haven't. They deserve bigger mainstream success, and if this doesn't bring it for them, what more do they need to do?


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