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Kali Uchis - Isolation Album Review

Updated: Jan 13

@KaliUchis is a Columbian - American genre-defying artist whose heritage translates into her music creating interesting sounds in RnB & Soul.

Her latest album Isolation released to critical acclaim on April 6, 2018, and it's easy to see why.

With the second track of Isolation, we are given the track Miami and damn. The way this starts off with her soulful humming and some Spanish clips and with the sustain she has on her voice.

Track of the Day Miami from Isolation by Kali Uchis.

The song tells a coherent story and when the chorus comes in it starts to sound like something ripped out of a Tarantino movie "Live fast and never die, I'm moving at the speed of light" and even the feature Kali has on the track with BIA creates a contrast tonally and they both stand in their own light.

If you've not checked out Isolation yet you're missing out, It's one of the chillest, soulful records of 2018.

Kali Uchis Isolation review

Latin-infused R&B sensation Kali Uchis transcends boundaries with her sophomore album, "Isolation," released in 2018. Her Colombian and American roots shimmer within every groove, weaving sultry R&B with psychedelic soul and Latin flourishes, creating a sonic tapestry as intoxicating as it is innovative.

The album wastes no time in immersing us. "Miami," the second track, opens with Uchis's soulful hum and a cascade of Spanish clips, setting the stage for a sultry story of late-night escapades and fleeting romance. Her sustained vocals float effortlessly as she croons, "Live fast and never die, I'm moving at the speed of light," echoing a Tarantinoesque cool. Rapper BIA joins the fray later, creating a dynamic contrast with her staccato flow, yet both artists effortlessly hold their own, each shining brightly in the musical tapestry.

Kali Uchis is more than just face value

"Isolation" is much more than just a collection of sultry bops. Uchis weaves a narrative of self-discovery and introspection, grappling with themes of loneliness, desire, and finding solace within oneself. Tracks like "Body Language" and "To U" simmer with sensuality and vulnerability, while "Venusian Vibes" channels a laid-back cosmic energy, inviting listeners to float along on a celestial journey.

Uchis's lyrical prowess is undeniable. 

She paints vivid pictures with her words, transporting us to sun-drenched beaches ("Summertime") and intimate late-night rendezvous ("Just a Flight"). Her blend of English and Spanish adds another layer of richness, adding a touch of exotic mystery to the already intoxicating mix.

Beyond the lyrics, the production on "Isolation" is immaculate. Lush arrangements of horns, strings, and electronic beats swirl around Uchis's vocals, creating a soundscape that feels both retro and futuristic. From the Prince-inspired funk of "Tyrant" to the dreamy psychedelia of "Tomorrow," each track offers a unique sonic adventure.

In a world of often homogenous pop, "Isolation" stands out as a beacon of originality and artistry. Kali Uchis is a genre-defying force, unafraid to push boundaries and create music that transcends labels and expectations. "Isolation" is more than just an album; it's an experience, an invitation to join Uchis on her intoxicating journey of self-discovery.

For those seeking music that is both soulful and innovative, that speaks to the heart while captivating the mind, look no further than "Isolation." This album is a masterpiece, a testament to Uchis's talent, and a surefire addition to any music lover's collection.

Kali Uchis Isolation FAQ

What genre is Isolation by Kali Uchis?

"Isolation" defies easy genre categorization. It blends elements of R&B, neo-soul, psychedelic funk, Latin pop, and even touches of jazz and bossa nova. Uchis's unique sound transcends boundaries, creating a genre-bending masterpiece.

What are the album's key themes?

"Isolation" explores themes of self-discovery, introspection, loneliness, desire, and finding strength within oneself. The album also celebrates Uchis's Colombian-American heritage and Latin influences.

What are some of the album's standout tracks?

Some of the most critically acclaimed tracks include:

  • "Miami": A sultry groove with a Tarantino-esque vibe featuring rapper BIA.

  • "Body Language": A smooth and sensual R&B track with vulnerability and desire.

  • "Tyrant": A funky, Prince-inspired track with powerful vocals and infectious energy

What makes "Isolation" special?

Uchis's unique blend of influences, her captivating vocals, and the album's innovative production set it apart. The lyrical depth, thematic exploration, and overall vibe make "Isolation" a truly immersive and rewarding listening experience.

What are some other artists similar to Kali Uchis?

If you enjoy "Isolation," you might also like artists like Solange Knowles, Hiatus Kaiyote, Esperanza Spalding, Thundercat, and Anderson .Paak.

Is "Isolation" worth listening to?

Absolutely! "Isolation" is a critically acclaimed album that has earned a loyal following. If you're looking for music that is both soulful and innovative, with thought-provoking lyrics and a unique soundscape, "Isolation" is definitely worth your time.


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