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Kendrick Lamar Meet The Grahams Meaning and Review

Updated: May 5

Kendrick Lamar Strikes Back with Meet The Grahams

Kendrick Lamar's surprise release of "Meet The Grahams" amid his ongoing feud with Drake brings another dimension to their lyrical sparring.

Personal Attacks: Targeting Drake's Family

The track, coming hot on the heels of Drake's "Family Matters," delves into deeply personal territory, targeting not just Drake but his entire family.

Empathy and Criticism: Addressing Adonis

Lamar wastes no time, addressing Drake's son, Adonis, with a mix of empathy and criticism, lamenting the absence of paternal guidance and offering himself as a mentor.

Dark Accusations: Sandra and Dennis Graham

Moving on to Drake's mother, Sandra, and father, Dennis, Lamar's lyrics take a darker turn, accusing Dennis of raising a "horrible" person and accusing Drake of being a "sick man with sick thoughts."

Sympathy and Empowerment: Speaking to "Baby Girl"

The third verse addresses a figure referred to as "baby girl," likely Drake's alleged daughter. Lamar expresses sympathy for her situation, acknowledging the absence of her father and offering words of encouragement and empowerment.

Direct Confrontation: Challenging Drake's Integrity

The final verse directly confronts Drake, questioning his integrity and authenticity while delving into a litany of accusations, from gambling and substance abuse to hypocrisy and deceit.

Kendrick Lamar vs. Drake: Dissecting the Lyrics of "Meet The Grahams" Diss Track

Overall, "Meet The Grahams" is a scathing indictment of Drake's character and actions, delivered with precision and venom. Lamar pulls no punches, using his platform to expose what he perceives as hypocrisy and moral failings. Whether this will escalate or resolve the ongoing feud remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: Lamar's words have left an indelible mark on the rap landscape.

Listen to Kendrick Lamar Meet The Grahams

Kendrick Lamar Meet The Grahams Meaning

The meaning of "Meet The Grahams" by Kendrick Lamar is a multi-layered dissection of Drake's character and personal life, delivered through poignant and often scathing verses.

In the first verse, Lamar addresses Drake's son, Adonis, expressing empathy for the challenges he may face growing up under Drake's influence. He urges Adonis to strive for integrity and self-respect, offering himself as a mentor figure in the absence of paternal guidance.

Moving on to Drake's parents, Sandra and Dennis, Lamar delivers harsh criticisms, accusing Dennis of being a neglectful father and Sandra of enabling Drake's destructive behavior. He condemns Drake for his alleged mistreatment of women and association with sex offenders, suggesting that Drake's actions warrant severe punishment.

The third verse is directed towards a figure referred to as "baby girl," presumably Drake's alleged daughter. Lamar offers words of encouragement and empowerment, emphasizing her worth and potential despite her father's shortcomings.

Finally, in the fourth verse addressed to Drake himself, Lamar confronts Drake's hypocrisy and deceit, accusing him of fabricating aspects of his identity and lying about his personal life. He suggests that Drake's pursuit of fame and validation has led him to compromise his morals and authenticity, ultimately urging him to confront his inner demons and strive for self-improvement.

"Meet The Grahams" serves as a scathing indictment of Drake's character and actions, exposing what Lamar perceives as hypocrisy, manipulation, and moral failings. Through his lyrics, Lamar challenges Drake to reflect on his behavior and make amends, while also shedding light on broader issues of accountability and integrity within the music industry.

Kendrick Lamar Meet The Grahams Lyrics

[Verse 1]

Dear Adonis

I'm sorry that that man is your father, let me be honest

It takes a man to be a man, your dad is not responsive

I look at him and wish your grandpa woulda wore a condom

I'm sorry that you gotta grow up and then stand behind him

Life is hard, I know, the challenge is always gon' beat us home

Sometimes our parents make mistakes that affect us until we grown

And you're a good kid that need good leadership

Let me be your mentor since your daddy don't teach you shit

Never let a man piss on your leg, son

Either you die right there or pop that man in the head, son

Never fall in the escort business, that's bad religion

Please remember, you could be a bitch even if you got bitches

Never code-switch, whether right or wrong, you a Black man

Even if it don't benefit your goals, do some push-ups, get some discipline

Don't cut them corners like your daddy did, fuck what Ozempic did

Don't pay to play with them Brazilians, get a gym membership

Understand, no throwin' rocks and hidin' hands, that's law

Don't be ashamed 'bout who you wit', that's how he treat your moms

Don't have a kid to hide a kid to hide again, be sure

Five percent will comprehend, but ninety-five is lost

Be proud of who you are, your strength come from within

Lotta superstars that's real, but your daddy ain't one of them

And you nothing like him, you'll carry yourself as king

Can't understand me right now? Just play this when you eighteen

[Verse 2]

Dear Sandra

Your son got some habits, I hope you don't undermine them

Especially with all the girls that's hurt inside this climate

You a woman, so you know how it feels to be in alignment

With emotion, hopin' a man can see you and not be blinded

Dear Dennis, you gave birth to a master manipulator

Even usin' you to prove who he is is a huge favor

I think you should ask for more paper, and more paper

And more, uh, more paper

I'm blamin' you for all his gamblin' addictions

Psychopath intuition, the man that like to play victim

You raised a horrible fuckin' person, the nerve of you, Dennis

Sandra, sit down, what I'm about to say is heavy, now listen

Mm-mm, your son's a sick man with sick thoughts, I think niggas like him should die

Him and Weinstein should get fucked up in a cell for the rest they life

He hates Black women, hypersexualizes 'em with kinks of a nympho fetish

Grew facial hair because he understood bein' a beard just fit him better

He got sex offenders on ho-VO that he keep on a monthly allowance

A child should never be compromised and he keepin' his child around them

And we gotta raise our daughters knowin' there's predators like him lurkin'

Fuck a rap battle, he should die so all of these women can live with a purpose

I been in this industry twelve years, I'ma tell y'all one lil' secret

It's some weird shit goin' on and some of these artists be here to police it

They be streamlinin' victims all inside of they home and callin' 'em Tinder

Then leak videos of themselves to further push their agendas

To any woman that be playin' his music, know that you're playin' your sister

Or better, you're sellin' your niece, to the weirdos, not the good ones

Katt Williams said, "Get you the truth," so I'ma get mines

The Embassy 'bout to get raided, too, it's only a matter of time

Ayy, LeBron, keep the family away, hey, Curry, keep the family away

To anybody that embody the love for they kids, keep the family away

They lookin' at you too if you standin' by him, keep the family away

I'm lookin' to shoot through any pervert that lives, keep the family safe

[Verse 3]

Dear baby girl

I'm sorry that your father not active inside your world

He don't commit to much but his music, yeah, that's for sure

He a narcissist, misogynist, livin' inside his songs

Try destroy families rather than takin' care of his own

Should be teachin' you time tables or watchin' Frozen with you

Or at your eleventh birthday, singin' poems with you

Instead, he be in Turks payin' for sex and poppin' Percs, examples that you don't deserve

I wanna tell you that you're loved, you're brave, you're kind

You got a gift to change the world, and could change your father's mind

'Cause our children is the future, but he lives inside confusion

Money's always been illusion, but that's the life he's used to

His father prolly didn't claim him neither

History do repeats itself, sometimes it don't need a reason

But I would like to say it's not your fault that he's hidin' another child

Give him grace, this the reason I made Mr. Morale

So our babies like you can cope later

Give you some confidence to go through somethin', it's hope later

I never wanna hear you chase a man 'cause his failed behavior

Sittin' in the club with sugar daddies for validation

You need to know that love is eternity and trumps all pain

I'll tell you who your father is, just play this song when it rains

Yes, he's a hitmaker, songwriter, superstar, right

And a fuckin' deadbeat that should never say "more life"

Meet the Grahams

[Verse 4]

Dear Aubrey

I know you probably thinkin' I wanted to crash your party

But truthfully, I don't have a hatin' bone in my body

This supposed to be a good exhibition within the game

But you fucked up the moment you called out my family's name

Why you had to stoop so low to discredit some decent people?

Guess integrity is lost when the metaphors doesn't reach you

And I like to understand 'cause your house was never a home

Thirty-seven, but you showin' up as a seven-year-old

You got gamblin' problems, drinkin' problems, pill-poppin' and spendin' problems

Bad with money, whorehouse

Solicitin' women problems, therapy's a lovely start

But I suggest some ayahuasca, strip the ego from the bottom

I try to empathize with you 'cause I know that you ain't been through nothin'

Crave entitlement, but wanna be liked so bad that it's puzzlin'

No dominance, let's recap moments when you didn't fit in

No secret handshakes with your friend

No cultural cachet to binge, just disrespectin' your mother

Identity's on the fence, don't know which family will love ya

The skin that you livin' in is compromised in personas

Can't channel your masculine even when standin' next to a woman

You a body shamer, you gon' hide them baby mamas, ain't ya?

You embarrassed of 'em, that's not right, that ain't how mama raised us

Take that mask off, I wanna see what's under them achievements

Why believe you? You never gave us nothin' to believe in

'Cause you lied about religious views, you lied about your surgery

You lied about your accent and your past tense, all is perjury

You lied about your ghostwriters, you lied about your crew members

They all pussy, you lied on 'em, I know they all got you in 'em

You lied about your son, you lied about your daughter, huh

You lied about them other kids that's out there hopin' that you come

You lied about the only artist that can offer you some help

Fuck a rap battle, this a long life battle with yourself


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