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Kenny Mason FT Toro Y Moi SLIP Meaning and Review

SLIPs Sound & Vibe 

"SLIP" instantly transports you into a hazy, dreamlike soundscape. Toro Y Moi's signature production shines through with swirling synths and a chillwave aesthetic. The track maintains a minimalist groove, allowing space for the vocals and atmosphere to breathe, creating a hypnotic effect.

Kenny Mason's Delivery

Kenny Mason's clear vocals provide a striking contrast to the dreamy production. His delivery has an edge that cuts through the haze, injecting a sense of urgency. This juxtaposition adds another layer to the track, hinting at an internal conflict within the speaker.

Lyrics & Theme

The lyrics suggest a struggle within a relationship. Lines like "Slipping away this way/ Push the ground until it hurts" paint a picture of uncertainty and a feeling of lost control. Introspection is a key theme, as the speaker questions their own role in the dynamic, revealing a vulnerable side to Kenny Mason's artistry.

"SLIP" is a standout track on Kenny Mason's album, showcasing a successful collaboration with Toro Y Moi. It's a moody, introspective piece that lingers in your thoughts. The song balances catchy melodies with a deeper emotional layer, inviting the listener to engage with its open-ended themes.

Listen To SLIP by Kenny Mason & Toro Y Moi

Kenny Mason SLIP Lyrics Meaning

The meaning of SLIP by Kenny Mason and Toro Y Moi's lyrics delves into the speaker's struggle with vulnerability and attachment within a harmful relationship. While they recognize the pain and unhealthiness of the situation, they remain emotionally tethered to this person. The song uses imagery of self-destructive coping mechanisms to highlight the speaker's desperation and awareness that the relationship will ultimately crash and burn.

The lyrics reveal a constant battle within the speaker. They cling to the hope that the other person is genuine, despite clear evidence of manipulation or deceit. This deep-seated need for the relationship blinds them to the harm, making them incapable of seeing the toxicity and ultimately preventing them from leaving.

 "SLIP" describes the experience of being trapped in a toxic relationship cycle. The speaker might recognize the red flags and even receive external advice to leave, but their emotional dependence creates a powerful force that traps them. The title, "SLIP,"  represents both a sense of identity fading away and the repeated fallbacks into old patterns. The song's ending hints at a sense of helpless desperation, the recognition that this harmful cycle is likely to continue.

Kenny Mason and Toro Y Moi SLIP Lyrics

[Intro: Kenny Mason]

Mask off for your problems, we all got 'em

I need more jewels and quartz in my body

We ain't strangers, we ain't gang on this side

I can't speak with these thoughts I had in private

I know pain come with change when I'm tired

Hit my liter, hit my plug, it ain't hard to fill my cup

It ain't cost to feel your touch

It's worth all the shit it took

[Pre-Chorus: Kenny Mason]

I know all things must come down

Once it's time, come around

If it costs me what I found

I don't mind stickin' 'round

[Chorus: Kenny Mason]

Slippin', slippin', slippin'

Slippin', slippin'

Slippin', slippin', slippin'


[Verse: Kenny Mason]

Racked up, you can see in my eyes

I was hopin' it would be a surprise

I was hopin' you would come in and stay

I was hopin' you ain't feedin' me lie

Pushin' up to your side with the flame

I was hopin' it would keep me alive

I can see I'm goin' out of my way

I was hopin' it would lead me inside

Gang told me I should lеave you alone

I ain't comfortable with bеin' alone

I ain't capable of seein' the wrong

Ain't okay enough with seein' you gone

I ain't brave enough to sever the ties

I done said a hundred seventy-nine

Ways, I'm leavin' that era behind

I pulled a one-eighty every time

I might slip for you, every time

[Interlude: Kenny Mason]

Switchin' up my batteries to be

[Pre-Chorus: Kenny Mason]

I know all things must come down

Once it's time, come around

If it costs me what I found

I don't mind stickin' 'round

[Chorus: Kenny Mason]

Slippin', slippin', slippin'

Slippin', slippin'

Slippin', slippin', slippin'

Slippin', slippin'

[Bridge: Kenny Mason]

No need to stay, I won't escape, yeah

No need to feel a way

Nothing you say give me a break, yeah

Nothing you give could feel this way

[Outro: Toro y Moi]

Punch the ground until it hurts (Punch the ground until it hurts)

Red and brown all on my shirt (Red and brown all on my shirt)

Tell the town, I broke the curse (Tell the town, I broke the curse)

I'm better now, it could be worse (I'm better now, it could be worse)

Screamin' every fuckin' word (Screamin' every fuckin' word)

Out my mouth until it works (Out my mouth until it works)

No matter what you say you'll do (Do)

I always trusted you (You, negative)

The voices to confuse (Negative)

Until you make a move (Until you make a move)


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