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King Krule Seagirl Meaning and Review

A Haunting Exploration of Longing and Isolation

King Krule's "Seagirl" is a haunting and atmospheric piece that stands out within the brooding landscape of the album Space Heavy.  The track begins with Krule's signature rasp, his monotone vocals painting a picture of isolation and longing. This raw vulnerability sets the stage for the ethereal entrance of Raveena's voice, a stark and beautiful contrast to Krule's gritty delivery.

The Power of Contrasting Vocals

The juxtaposition of Krule and Raveena's styles is the heart of "Seagirl."  It's like a conversation between earth and sky, the mundane and the transcendent.  Raveena's vocals soar, adding a layer of melancholic beauty to the track.  Their voices intertwine without ever truly blending, creating a sense of two souls reaching for each other, but never quite connecting.

Lyrical Ambiguity and Unresolved Tension

Lyrically, "Seagirl" is open to interpretation. It speaks in fragments, hinting at lost love and the struggle to find meaning in the echoes of a relationship. There's a sense of unresolved tension throughout the song, a persistent ache that mirrors the unresolved feelings expressed within the lyrics.

Minimalist Music, Maximum Impact

Musically, the track is sparse but effective. Simple instrumentation underscores the vocal interplay, allowing space for both Krule's grit and Raveena's ethereal melodies. It's a testament to King Krule's artistry that he can create such a deeply affecting track with a relatively minimalist approach.

"Seagirl" is not an easy listen, but it's a deeply rewarding one. It's a haunting exploration of loneliness, desire, and the lasting echoes of a connection lost.  The collaboration with Raveena adds a layer of aching beauty, making "Seagirl" a standout on an already compelling album.

Listen to King Krule Seagirl

King Krule Seagirl Lyrics Meaning 

"Seagirl" uses striking imagery to explore complex feelings surrounding romantic attraction. The central figure is a mysterious "Seagirl" who represents both allure and a potential for danger. Water symbolism runs throughout the lyrics, suggesting emotions, fluidity, and the subconscious. There's a recurring motif of "take, take, take" which highlights a fear of being used or consumed within a relationship.

It seems the song could be sung from the Seagirl's perspective. She is aware of her own power to attract ("Painter... let him paint me") but also reveals a hesitancy to fully give in to a relationship. There's a fear of being objectified or used for another's pleasure, with lines like "you could easily be the death of me".

Underlying the song is a deep-seated conflict between desiring connection and the simultaneous need for self-preservation. The Seagirl wants to be loved, but fears losing herself within the dynamic of the relationship ("Don't turn me into wine"). The song's ambiguous nature adds to its power, as the repeated "take, take, take" could be interpreted in multiple ways, leaving space for the listener's own experiences and reflections.

King Krule Seagirl Featuring Raveneena Lyrics 

[Intro: Raveena]

(Take, take, take, take)

(Take, take, take, take, take, take, take, take)

(Take, take, take, take, take, take, take, take)

(Take, take, take, take)

(Take, take, take, take, take, take, take, take)

(Take, take, take, take)

(Take, take, take, take, take, take, takе, take)

[Verse 1: Raveena]

Water falling from my fingers

You starе in awe, call me 'Seagirl'

Painter, he is quite a thinker

Let him paint me, his Seagirl

[Verse 2: King Krule & Raveena]

Her underwater ecstasy

You could easily be the death of me

I swim through

(Take, take, take, take…)

And if I start sinking, I'm probably overthinking

(Take, take, take, take, take, take…)

[Chorus: Raveena]

Ooh-ooh, he comes to me

Ooh-ooh, stuck on his knees

(Take, take, take, take…)

(Take, take, take, take…)

Ooh-ooh, asking for better days

Heaven knows

[Verse 3: Raveena]

Don't turn me into wine

Something to pass the time

I know that when we're done

(Take, take, take, take…)

That's when I'll fall in love

(Take, take, take, take…)

[Outro: Raveena]




Mmm… (Take, take, take, take…)

(Take, take, take, take…)


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