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Mount Kimbie Empty and Silent Meaning and Review Featuring King Krule

Updated: Mar 19

Mount Kimbie's "Empty & Silent": A Haunting Exploration of Isolation

Mount Kimbie's "Empty & Silent" featuring King Krule is a hauntingly beautiful exploration of loneliness, isolation, and a yearning for connection. The track's sonic elements and King Krule's vocals create a captivating atmosphere that is both raw and polished.

The Atmospheric Soundscape of "Empty & Silent"

The track opens with warm, swirling synthesizers that evoke images of a vast, lonely landscape, creating an immediate sense of introspection. Soft, echoing percussion and distant guitar strums add depth to the soundscape, mirroring the internal emptiness explored in the lyrics.

King Krule's Evocative Vocals

King Krule's vocals enter, his voice drenched in reverb and filled with a bittersweet melancholy. His sparse yet powerful lyrics paint pictures of longing, isolation, and an unfulfilled desire for human connection. The vulnerability in his voice contrasts beautifully with the expansive soundscape created by Mount Kimbie, emphasizing the starkness of the singer's emotional state.

Masterful Production & Captivating Contrast

The song's production is masterful, with every element expertly balanced.  King Krule's raw vocals against the polished electronic textures create an alluring tension, echoing the conflict between internal longing and external disconnect.  "Empty & Silent" builds subtly, with layers of sound intertwining, yet the feeling of space is never lost.

Empty & Silent is a stunning collaboration between Mount Kimbie and King Krule. It's a song that lingers in the mind long after the last notes fade, leaving listeners contemplating the complexities of loneliness and the enduring human need for connection.

Listen To Empty & Silent by Mount Kimbie

You can listen to Empty and Silent by Mount Kimbie by King Krule below on YouTube.

Mount Kimbie Featuring King Krule Lyrics Meaning

The meaning of Mount Kimbie's "Empty and Silent" is a profound exploration of loneliness, isolation, and the universal yearning for connection. With evocative lyrics and a haunting soundscape, the song portrays a life confined by routine and colored by a deep sense of disconnect. The speaker struggles to find solace amidst the emptiness, haunted by external judgments and unfulfilled desires. Ultimately, "Empty & Silent" speaks to the enduring human need for acceptance and belonging, even in the face of alienation.

Emptiness and Routine

The song begins with stark imagery: "The square is emptying / The square is empty and silent". This sets the stage for a feeling of isolation, a sense of being alone in a vast and somewhat desolate space.

The repetition of "The week goes on and on..." emphasizes the monotony and drudgery of daily life. There's a sense of being trapped in a routine, devoid of greater purpose.

Isolation and Disconnection

The singer's life seems reduced to basic necessities: "My washing hangs too dry / I left here only once, today, for food". This paints a picture of self-imposed isolation and a lack of meaningful engagement with the world.

The line "My phone vibrates, my only companion" highlights a reliance on technology for connection, underscoring the absence of real human interaction.

A Moment of Peace Amidst the Chaos

The walk at 5 AM along the still water offers a brief respite from the loneliness. The natural world and the solitude bring a sense of peace and clarity ("I felt so good").

However, even this moment is tinged with melancholy, as the feeling of "missing something, a drug" hints at an unsatisfied yearning.

The Intrusion of Judgement

The repeated question "What did your dad say about me again / He said I looked unwell" introduces an element of harsh external judgment. It's a reminder that even in isolation, one cannot escape the opinions of others.

This intrusion disrupts the peace found in nature ("The water was so still / I could swear it spoke"), suggesting that true solace may be hard to achieve.

Dreams, Longing, and Misunderstanding

The mention of "British films" shot in limited spaces parallels the singer's own confined existence. However, dreams offer a realm of escape and potential connection ("I could smell you in my dreams").

The desire for deep connection ("through thick and thin") conflicts with the reality of physical distance and heartbreaking loneliness.

The final verses emphasize a desire to be accepted and loved despite being "misunderstood". There's a plea for a connection that transcends judgment and the need for explanations.

Empty and Silent Mount Kimbie Meaning

Empty & Silent explores the complexities of loneliness within a modern, disconnected world. The song captures the pain of feeling adrift, the reliance on fleeting moments of solace, and the deep, often unfulfilled, desire for true human connection and acceptance.

Mount Kimbie Featuring King Krule Lyrics

The square is emptying

The square is empty and silent

On a Monday night

You feel the rhythm of the routines

The week goes on and on and on and on and on...

My washing hangs too dry

I left here only once, today, for food

My phone vibrates, my only companion

Last night

I walk at 5 AM

Along the water was still

In the lights of the street with the cold night air

I felt so good

(The square is emptying)

(The square is empty and silent)

But like I was missing something, a drug (On a Monday night)

What did your dad say about me again

He said I looked unwell

The water was so still

I could swear it spoke

And a lot of days, thesе British films are shot in one or two rooms

This one is so rеal

It was so real

I could smell you in my dreams

I can feel the tight jacket details of the floral

Black place, the stretch between cold thighs

In reality I

Was so alone, heartbroken, this bedroom motel will not [stay small?]

Empty stomach, Snickers bar

The next day I walk for miles

Cold alone

Around the lake

And when you called

I took my bags and it started to rain

What'd your dad say about me again?

He said I looked unwell

The witch dreams

The gates are yet to open

The gates are yet to open

And we'll survive together through thick and thin

And if I die

Don't search for me

To be misunderstood

We don't have to be

We don't need understanding between it all

And what we feel

The gates are yet to open

What'd your dad say about me again?

He said I looked unwell

He said I looked unwell


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